FM6 5/26/16 Content Update

Hi all,

Today we released another update for Forza Motorsport 6. This update addresses issues introduced with the NASCAR Expansion, including:

  • Rolling starts have been moved back by 15 meters on the following courses: Rio Full, Rio National, Rio Coast Loop, Indy GP Classic, Indy GP, Yas Marina South, and all Watkins Glen ribbons.
  • For lapped traffic, “Distance behind” in HUD now measures distance by meters or feet, not laps
  • Fixed an issue with Drivatars losing collision after a rewind when the Drivatars are in a pitting state, but outside of pit lane
  • Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to continue in career without upgrades



Thanks for posting the notes :slight_smile:

The track order in Rivals mode has been corrected as well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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How big an update?

Thank you Turn 10. Keep up the good work. Every little bit counts.

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Content Update is “around 106 MB” in size. I would recommend fully updating (it is a short download), then sign out of Xbox Live, close the console down, then restarting your Xbox One before launching into the game to make sure all the parts are aligned properly.

Will there be any updates for bump drafting at all?

So I takE it bump drafting is still not fixed?

You cant bump draft at all with the NASCARs because of the risk of your car acting as if it suddenly hit a brick wall…

Makes serious racing at Daytona even hairier because drafting is obviously important, but an otherwise great race could end in unnecessary failure due to what was supposed to be a slight nudge…

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What they said

I am still having trouble with saving and sharing screenshots and videos.

Since this update when asked to uninstall a tune/upgrade from NASCAR car before an event the game totally resets. But when I reload the game the changes have taken effect ?.

Are we going to get an answer on if bump-draft will be fixed? Or are we just throwing a hot dog down a hallway?

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