FM5 will not sync

Hopefully someone can help. I went to put in FM5 3 days ago and all of a sudden it has to Sync? This started with Horizon but now FM5? I can’t even get the syncing page to sync. My only other choice is to start over after countless hours of playing, tuning, leveling up and earning? Can someone please tell me what is going on and if I need to contact Microsoft could you please give me the contact info? Thank you very much.

Let it finish. A full resync takes hours with forza games. If it looks like its frozen leave it and let it finish.

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Hey old buddy, than you. It finally began to sync and is stuck at 66%. Am I going to have to do this each time I put in the game now? Do you have any idea what the issue is?

If it needs to do a full resync it can take hours.

If it just needs a “sync check” it takes seconds.

A full resync should only be needed on a brand new console, on a friends console or if you have deleted you profile (gamertag) or Forza save.

A sync check should be the norm so the long one should only happen in a very limited set of circumstances.

If a full resync is happening let it finish and sadly that can take hours and will look like its frozen but do not cancel it…let it finish no matter how long it takes.

Mine took 15 minutes the other night. It will do it most of the time if your not listed as being on your home Xbox.