FM5 Livery Contests - Week Y

Welcome to the Forza Motorsport 5 Livery Contest!

*Please read the rules. FM5 Contest will be run in a slightly different manner than the contests we have had in the past for our other games.

Forza Motorsport 5 uses curated content as the means by which paints are shown to prospective buyers on the storefront. The best way to get recognized in the community now is to participate in our weekly contests. Winners of the livery contests will be not only be Turn 10 selects, but we will also special feature your paints for a week so that they will presented to everyone who buys a new car or wants a new paint for a particular car. Winning paints will be the first in line on the paint selection page (unless, you already own the paint. You will not see your own paint displayed to yourself.) If you want exposure for your hard work, this is the best way to get it, which will also translate in more downloads and hopefully more uses for you. This will earn you badges faster and get your gamer tag out there. Yay!

Please make sure your post follows the Rules of the Contest.

o We now just have winners. We will pick paints to feature. If you get featured, you are a winner. The number of winners will depend on what gets entered, how many cars we want to feature, how many entries there are, and the quality of work. We are not going to specify a specific number of cars we are going to choose.
o All winners will be gifted the weekly prize that is predetermined by us.

Weekly Prize:
100,000 credits

Monthly Prize:
1,000,000 credits to one lucky winner per month

All of the winners for the month will be put into a random drawing for 1,000,000 credits to be awarded to a random lucky winner at the end of the month. If you have won more than one contest in the month, then you get one entry for each contest you have won, increasing your chances in the drawing.

Cars Eligible to use to display your paints this week:
Any in game car is eligible this week.

Rules of the Contest
o The design must belong to you and be your creation. Posting someone else’s work is not allowed!
o Entrants can enter both Race and Fantasy but the submissions must be in different posts. (One entry per category per person per week, please. - This rule will be included with next week’s contest for clarification.)
o If you have won in one week, you may enter again the next week, but please keep it to one entry per category per week. This rule may change in the future, but for now, you may enter each week, even if you were a winner the previous week.
o We suggest that if your design has won in a previous contest, you do not re-enter the same design again unless new elements have been added to actually change the design or give it a new look.
o When posting here include your Gamer Tag, the car you painted your design on (from the above list), and whether you want your paint judged as a fantasy or race paint.
o Entry Post Example:
Forza Player GT
2009 Honda S2000 CR
Fantasy Paint

o You are not required to own the car you are painting on, however you must also follow the rules carefully so we can find your entry. You do not have to post your entry in this thread, however, it will make it easier for us to find you and make sure you are entered into the contest.
o You must “Share” your paint IN GAME. You must put “FantasyWkY” or “RaceWkY” in the description of your livery when you share your design. (All one word for the description). If you do not add the description to your entry, it is likely we will not see it when we search for it. When you press “share” on your design, the description goes in the section marked “description”. You will need to type it in.
o If you would like to share your paint photos in this thread, you may post up to 3 photos of your paint. If you do not own the car, you will not be able to take photos of it, which is why photos are not a requirement for entry into the contest. It will, however, give us a better idea of what we are looking for, and thus it may give you an edge in being a winner, but it is not a requirement for entering the contest. Just remember, that the easier you make it for us to find you, the better your chances are for being a winner.
o Cars with inappropriate liveries will be disqualified. Cars showing damage in photos will be disqualified.
o Altering your image with Photoshop or any image editor will also disqualify your entries from competition.

This thread is for submissions only, no discussion will be allowed in this thread.

Submission Deadline
We will be locking this thread the morning of Wednesday, May 21st. No other submissions will be accepted after this date.

Submission Judging
Members of Turn 10 will judge your entries. A random number of winners will be selected based on number of entries, quality of work, and number of cars we wish to feature. All winners will receive the stated weekly prize and be Turn 10 Selects. If you have won in one week, you may enter again the next week, but please keep it to one entry per category per week. This rule may change in the future, but for now, you may enter each week, even if you were a winner the previous week.

Spot Please!

GT: Wayne Tomlinson
Ford Focus ST 2013
Race Replica

Ford Focus Motorbase Airwaves BTCC Mat Jackson Replica 2014




2011 aston Martin zagato
Race entry 2013 bilstein gt replica (had to change the gt logo to forza just makes sense :wink: )

image by djalkoholik, on Flickr

image by djalkoholik, on Flickr

image by djalkoholik, on Flickr

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The real car


1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS 454

Fantasy Paint

GT : Chi3n 2 La KaSs
CAR : BMW M5 2012

forza-motorsport-5-bmw-m5-par-chi3n-2-la-kass-525164 par chi3n2lakass, sur Flickr

BMW M5 2012 par chi3n2lakass, sur Flickr

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GT: Borderp
2011 Kia Cee’d
Fantasy Paint

GT Hotrod King87
race livery
2012 charger


Fantasy Livery
1997 Mazda Rx-7

koi3 by Tmlyonsb2000, on Flickr

koi2 by Tmlyonsb2000, on Flickr

koi1 by Tmlyonsb2000, on Flickr

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2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

gt: pm7oh
car: subaru 2008 wrx sti
file: rockstar
started this one before t10 sent out the foust vw bit of a coincidence this one… still here goes…
s2 by pm7oh, on Flickr
s1 by pm7oh, on Flickr

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Alpha Tide
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
Rat rod
Sparks fly
Turn Left Fool

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GT: four cam tbird
Car: 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302
File Name: mark martin 95
Contest: Race Livery

2011 RUF RT12 S
Race Paint


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2013 Audi RS4 Avant

Race Livery

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pat the cat 0
Nissan GTR Black ed

Ford rs200 evo.
Race livery

Car: 2010 Nissan 370Z
Filename: 2012 Nizmo RC
Category: Race Paint

For correct logo and graphic match up use the following: 1st Nismo Front Bumper, 2nd Nizmo Side skirt ,
2nd Nizmo Rear Bumper, 1st Nizmo Wing with Volk TE37 Rims (Rims Optional)