FM5 Car Packs and the Thrustmaster TX Wheel

Just started playing FM5 and got a couple of questions

1)Have now bought a couple of car parks as DLC but a little confused on what exactly the pack gives me access to and when - I though when you bought a pack all the cars in the pack would appear in the garage so you can use them in the free play ?(after buying the packs the cars did appear to install ok but all the cars do not seem to be appearing in my garage for selection during free play? - am I doing something wrong and how can I check if everything has installed ok? (I recently bought the ring car pack if it helps so what cars should be appearing in the garage).

2)Have also got a TX wheel - can someone recommend the best settings?

About the DLC cars. You still have to go to the dealers and get them. They’re free one time only.

thanks big foot that might explain why I cant see them…

do you mean you need to visit the actual dealer for the brand and “purchase” each one individually? (if you lose track is there any way to check those cars you have access to but “forgot” to download? (I also have the VIP pack but not really sure that I have all the cars from it correctly downloaded?

I also seem to remember in free play you can visit your garage, rent a car or possibly buy one?? (are you saying for the packs you need to visit the actual dealer? to download the car and then you have to go ahead and but it albeit for zero cost?

#2 set steering and brake dead zones at 0-100,as fo DOR i like 330 for most cars a little higher for FWD and every time you turn off the box you will have to reset your DOR,it defaults to 900.

Go into buy cars,they say free above them,if they say free you have not down loaded them to your garage yet.

Just like T REX said. If you do that and look for “free” on the cars you won’t miss one.

thanks got it all working!

Couple more questions.

1)Already bought one of the car packs separately - is their any point buying the season pass now?(which I think includes 8 packs?)

2)Found my TX wheel very good but I noticed the FFB only seems to kick in if the wheel is rotated about 30 degrees is this normal?(on the PC it seems instant)?

The car pass was pretty economical compared to buying them all separately. But I guess it depends on if you want all the DLC cars or just a few.

I did 4 laps of Nurburg gp and my wheel did that smelly burning thing!!!.

Not even enough time to test it. Good luck with yours.

I had that too. I think there is a quantity of these wheels where the cooling fan does not kick in and the motor burns out, or something. Call thrustmaster support, be prepared to go through updating firmware, taking screenshots of what the updates software shows, and have photos of your serial number and receipt ready to email off. Then you should get your wheel collected and repaired within about one week or so.

I’ve had mine back for three weeks ish, enough time to do the nurburgring endurance and Silverstone GP events plus some other normal play without problems. It’s a good wheel system, but the brake pedal needs modding for feel. The settings someone mentioned above are good too. Coming from a controller takes some getting used to though, I’m currently around 5 seconds a lap slower on the wheel. I race with all assists turned off and sim steering, cockpit view and the feel of driving is great