FM5 artists are amazing has posted on his facebook page a “Williams 2014 Martini Livery” thinking that was a “official livery” and sooo many people were caught into this… but wait a min… that’s a Forza Lotus E21 livery!!! O_o

Anyway, the point is: this game is great. This community is great.

First time i have seen all the livery of the Lotus E21 (Ferrari, McLaren, Redbull, new cars, old cars, ecc.) i was shocked. And still i am. Simply beautiful. All of them.

Again: great game, great people working on this game. From T10 side and from “this” side. Kudos.

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Always nice to see that people appreciate what forza painters do :slight_smile: you should check out the race paint section of the forums if you like that stuff. :slight_smile:


Yes they are. Yes they are.