FM4 Car Clubs

Not sure where else to post this and to what extent FM4 is still supported technically in terms of fixes

The ‘Car Clubs’ haven’t been working eg ‘Create a Club’ for some time now. A few others have posted this on the FM4 forums in recent months

If it is possible a fix would be much appreciated

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We are still waiting for a fix or an official answer.

But they hate us.

They only care about fortnite players now.


My original comment (above) was posted in the FM7 Technical Support section of the forums in the hope of the matter getting some attention- a Moderator redirected it here where it is guaranteed to get no attention!

I have since sent a private message to SOY (Community Liaison) about FM4 Car Club and FM3 Storefront issues with no reply as of yet

Xbox360 games will be lower on their list of priorities but hopefully a fix will happen eventually

I’ve tried today with no luck.

A Club can’t be created.

It can’t be a hard to fix issue.

Maybe wipe out all the existing clubs since no one play this anymore so new people can play. =(

It would certainly be nice if car clubs on FM4 worked again, especially even just for the sake of getting a few easy achievements that are otherwise stupidly unobtainable!

Waiting for the Clubs to be fixed.

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