Flying Kulau's liveries and vinyls

In honor of the Buffalo Bill’s dominant win over the Patriots in the NFL wildcard game, here’s a Josh Allen #17 livery for the Jeep Trailcat. The Trailcat will be featured in the Series 3 Winter season’s weekly challenge.

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For Series 4 Summer Trial, here’s my USA flag themed livery for the Mustang Boss.

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I used a tune by ugrundy

A more flag-like livery for the Mustang Boss. I plan to do a similar livery for the USA cars for the remaining Trials in this Series.

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The vinyl group that I created for this is based on real size specs for the American flag and is also available at share code 446 588 228

Based on the image in next week’s playlist, it looks like the USA vehicle for the Series 4 Autumn Trial is the 1995 Corvette. Here is a USA flag-based livery that you can use if you drive for Team USA.

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Also, I need just one more download for my USA flag Mustang Boss livery to hit 100 downloads. How about downloading and giving it a like?

2012 Lotus Exige S ready for Series 5 Spring Trial
( design is private as the mascot was created by @AlsoKnownAsRukh )

Based on what I’ve read, Series 6 Summer will feature S1 Classic Racers for the Trial. I have done up a 1966 Jaguar XJ13 in case that info pans out. I am still using @AlsoKnownAsRukh 's vinyl that he created for me. I do need to create my own version of it sometime, so I can share my Flying Kulau Racing liveries.

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