Flipping (mirroring) shapes and decals

hi there, can anyone help me please, is there anyway to flip shapes, i want to start doing my own vinyls but im having trouble flipping shapes, thank you in advance :slight_smile: leeovwolvez

Not sure if its the same in FM5 but in FM4 place your vinyl on one side of the car, then go to the other side of the car and insert all from other side will give you a mirrored version.

PS this would be better off in the livery section of the forums, so let me know you’ve seen this and Ill move it there.

If you’re finding that what Windswept mentioned above is flipping your vinyls and you don’t want it to, save them as groups and manually insert them on the other side. A trick I use is to paint the basic “shape” of the livery, insert it onto the other side of the car and then add the logos and numbers etc manually to each side.

What Rosso said. And if it is some sort of symmetrical design you are trying to do on the top , front, or back then group the layers, copy to a side of the car, then go to the other side and “Insert from right / left side” and it will spit out the matching reverse of your shapes.

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thank you for the replys, i will try that thank you, and ill try and post in the right place next time, im new to forums, thanx again :slight_smile:

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No problem and this threads now in the Fantasy section.