Flickering in fullscreen mode (only) on the laptop's screen

My Forza Horizon 5 is flickering/pulsating subtly but noticeably when run in fullscreen mode. This only occurs on my laptop’s built-in screen, external screenssuch as my TV work fine without flickering.
Also, this flickering disappears as soon as the game isn’t run in fullscreen mode.
The flickering isn’t limited to any particular area and occurs right after I continue from the main screen.
I cannot recreate this flickering anywhere else, only in FH5.
The graphics drivers are up-to-date, the refresh rate is set to 144Hz (the TV’s is at 60Hz if it matters), the game’s FPS are locked to 72.
Turning on/off VSync doesn’t do anything either.
I’m at my wit’s end and would love to play the game without having to rely on an HDMI or accessible monitor sometimes.

My laptopts specs:
Windows 10
AMD Ryzen 7 5800U
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

I’d love to emphasize that this is not the issue mentioned in the “Known Issues” section; otherwise I am not encountering any graphics issues.

PS.: Game is run via Steam


I Had the same problem.When I want to play this game, I set my internal screens refresh rate to 60hz and its solved the flickering problem. I Hope it helps you too, and the developers will patch this issue soon.