Flat Black

I’ve done a search and got no hits on flat black. So my question is how do I create flat black? I know it is do-able as I’ve seen it on the game. If anybody could explain how it is done would be appreciated. Not just paint on the car but for the livery as well… I don’t need to know how to make flat black paint if I can make flat black livery’s. So I am leaning more towards flat black livery’s if someone can help me out.

Thanks in advance

Unless I’m missing something obvious, are you just asking about the matte black paint under Special Colors? That is the most obvious way to paint a car black with a matte (or flat) finish.

to add on Wildcat,

you cannot paint a car glossy, metallic, chrome etc.
and then add matte finished vinyls afterwards. and vice versa

When the base is matte, all vinyls added will be matte too!

Thanks for the quick replies. I’m looking more to making a flat black livery. Circles squares… Stuff like that. Not the paint… The livery

Yes. We are aware of that. You already said that. You CANNOT have matte decals over glossy paint in Forza. It is not possible. I don’t know how I can say that any more simply. You just can’t do it. Read this, understand it, and don’t ask about it again. You can’t have something just because you want it.

But I want it… lol :slight_smile: