Flag Denied!

It would be just great if we could get flag denial/blocked totals broken out and displayed alongside flag totals at the end of each Flag Rush match. Blocked flags are just as critical as the flag scores themselves and it’d be useful to see who on your team is really producing results.

I’m not suggesting that they get factored into the scoring, but maybe a nice, modest, little “Blocker Bonus” credit stipend awarded at the end would be nice. :man_shrugging:t2:

Highest number of flags score by the team wins. Obviously the losing team most likely had more flags denied. In general it’s a team effort.

I get what you’re saying, though no reward IMHO is necessary for denials or most scores. Who’s to say someone with zero denials didn’t force an opponent in to someone else?

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Yeah, I understand the scoring, and I specifically said I wasn’t talking about incorporating it into scoring. And no, the losing team is not necessarily going to have had more denials. Just one quick example…often you’ll see players on one side drop out after a rough start and/or it looks like a probable defeat, if the two remaining teammates spend majority of the round just trying to get a single flag to the goal and are capable at manuevering, they could easily lose being outnumbered while having fewer denials and/or attempts. And at guarding while outnumberd, the two same capable players against a troop of ding-dong’s could have great success blocking the Three Stooges & Co. all day long and allow just one flag in and lose with fewer denials. Youre not taking in consideration the team size, map size and difficulty, etc; there are lots of variables. And if it’s such a team effort (often it isnt im sad to say), why display individual goals at all? Because the people pulling the weight want the credit. You’d want to see lap times/totals after a race, right?

And sure, someone may have forced some dolt to panic and run blindly into another opponent. So? The other guy is the one that made the contact, so his block, his stat. And theres no referee or AI capable of determining whats a situational assist and what isn’t. Besides, I can assure you that nine times out of ten a block results from one-on-one contact, unassisted, as other teammates are either at the flag pick-up spot on the other side of the map, chasing down other flags elsewhere (as multiple flags will often approach simultaneously and split up in a divide and conquer strategy), or simply spinning their wheels indecisively as they get smoked by flags fluing past them in various directions. So no, assisted blocks are not frequent and when they do happen, its totally by accident, happening in chaos, so those would not merit tracking efforts. But yes on the blocks, gotta show who’s boss and who is not.

Nothing hard to incorporate I would assume. No reason not to.

Number of flag denies is irrelevant. It is more about where flags are denied.

If you deny flags near the scoring spot, you force the opponent to drive all the way back to the flag spot for a new one. If you deny flags near the flag spot, they can just get another right away.

People camping at the flag spot will always get more denies, but it won’t help the team as much as people camping the scoring spot.

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That is a very keen observation; you are absolutely right. :+1:t3:

I will say that at the very least, I would also like to see notifications for when an opponent is blocked by a teammate. We only get one when we ourselves block a flag, and it would make it easier to refocus on a new target after losing track in the chaos and not have to waste time diverting attention away from the field and down to that horrible tiny map, if that thought salad makes any sense.

Welp, …I finally paid attention to a post-playground xp/credit reward screen (for this new Autumn seasonal match), and we are actually issued at least an influence reward for Flags Denied; did’nt catch if credits are also rewarded. I’d still like to see the stat broken out, though, maybe with the flag pick-up area turned off to prevent campers from inflating their total.:man_shrugging:t2: