Flag Campers

Noticed during Playground Games Flag Rush. The enemy time will sometimes sit right on top of the flags, usually in big heavy vehicles that are difficult to move. And they’ll proceed to stop anyone from grabbing a flag. It gets a little annoying, running back to the flag only to see 3-4 cars parked around it, tagging anyone who gets close.

Hahahaha this is the best!!! Good defense. It’s part of the game bud :slight_smile:


But my Little Porsche can’t push back against their big trucks. It’s like It’s like playing Tennis, but my car is the ball

It’s a way to keep the other team from scoring, which is whole point of Flag Rush. Will it go away? Probably not, but it’s a valid strategy no matter how annoying it is to people.


Now imagine this situation at the flag delivery point… :slight_smile: So its not only on the flag point.
Some players doing it and its a part of the game.

Yeah. we used to do this all the time in Mechwarror 4 when we played team capture the flag. Small mechs ran to get the flag, big, heavily armed mechs guarded the flags.

Hell, one game, we just kept carpet bombing our own flag to keep the enemy from getting it.

ahh, fun times, good memories

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Sounds fun! Am glad I bring my linebacker when I play flag. Good luck catching me in your slow brick!

Learn to play the game. Every method is viable, some are more effective than others. Don’t be salty, play.

I HATE the new flag rush. I dont even do mini games anymore. Flag Rush was the only thing worth my time in FH3. I hope they switch it back or add a different version

Winning the game by not letting the other team play the game?

Sounds like poor sportsmanship to me. I do hate flag rush, and I do hate the strategy in place of camping.


I play racing games to race, not play some garbage party game that everyone will try to win in the cheesiest fashion possible.

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Never gonna put up with campers. I could care less about that being part of the game. Just had to put up with one but my team was still able to win the event and the whole competition.

Team flag rush should be the same as individual flag rush. Multiple zones to score

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And multiple zones to pick flags up. Make the challenge worth requiring studying strategy-wise for the defending team.

Easy, just ghost anyone getting a flag for 3 seconds - should give enough head start to turn it into a chase instead.

As others have said it’s a valid tactic. It’s also bloody annoying. The two are not mutually exclusive :wink: If there’s 3 or 4 cars there you’re likely in a bit of trouble but there’s a couple of things you can try:

  • Don’t try to push them out the way. Even if you manage it you’re likely to get tagged immediately. Try to find a route that’ll let you get in at speed and thread through with a decent exit strategy.
  • Failing that wait for a teammate or two and gang up. Many’s the time when camping cars have been somewhat surprised to find a herd of supermini’s following in the wake of a Regalia D! Better to sacrifice one pickup than everyone get done. Though if that’s not working there’s nothing wrong with using your team as distractions and sneaking a pickup while everyone’s busy swapping insurance details.
  • If you’re a decent driver try looking extra tasty after you get a flag. It’s amazing how many will chase after a slow looking easy meal and leave options for others. Plus it’s hilarious to wheelie away in an Isetta just as they get within chomping range.

Honestly the only pickup point that’s really gotten me wound up thanks to campers is the quarry. Too few options and too easy to get punted off the cliff if there’s more than two up there. Everything else there’s usually a way through unless an entire team heads up to be annoying which I’ve seen maybe… twice in at least a couple of games on a near-nightly basis.

Might add that a player who distracts other players in the flag zone is a brilliant tactic.

It is after all about tactics…

If you play in a successful team, you have offense and defense like any sport. The problem are not the ranked adventures you go into with a team but rag tag groups in the season games and/or games you go into the as individual. Then it is a chore and annoying… still valid though and as it was stated, speed becomes your friend, and flag rush is one of 5 games. For the other games these monsters are a liability and easy pickings unless (again as part of a coordinated team,) used properly. .