[FIXED] No free DLC cars with car pass?

This just started with the latest car pack, as all of the cars in the DLC still require credits or tokens to purchase from the autos how for the first time.

Was this removed in the latest update?

There is no “latest update” until Turn 10 releases it later this week. How did you purchase the DLC? Have you restarted your system, doing a hard reboot? You can do that by being in the Dashboard, out of all games, hold the Big X on the console down until the system shuts down. Then unplug the external power pack from the wall (or at least remove the wall-side plug) so the power completely drains for about three minutes. Reconnect, and start the console as you normally do.

As I said in my OP, the DLC was purchased automatically due to having the car pass. All vehicles appear in the auto show, yet they require credits to purchase.

I have done a hard restart by pressing the Xbox button until the console shut down, but did not unplug the power with that. I will try that now.

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Restarted like you mentioned, and still the same issue. Another thing I see is that the tokens just read as “-” and not 100.

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Yes, I think we’re in-between on the update currently. Earlier, like five hours or so ago, online for FH2 was offline, although the game could be played “locally.” I would say just bide your time for the next few days until the official update is released fully.

When that happens, let the update process ENTIRELY - 100% - and no do anything else on the system while it is downloading. Hopefully all these accumulated issues will be resolved.

You have to download the car pack for the cars to be free it’s on the xbox store it should be free since u got car pass

That may fix the issue but it is not correct to say you must do it that way for them to be free.

Iv tired all that and it still says I have to pay for them

Have you tried uninstalling the car pass and reinstalling?

Have you tried to buy a few of the DLC cars, it’s just that even with a car pass some cars will still need to be purchased like those that are free to VIP or I think some special first day disc etc, car pass does not get your those cars

Are you still having this problem? We had some minor intermittent server issues yesterday which would have caused this issue for affected players.

Helios - I just logged in and am having the same issue. Tried a hard boot to no avail.

Add one to the list…

Paid for the Car Pass and VIP Pass at launch as well as Storm Island right when it came out.

Logged in today after a month or so of inactivity, and none of the DLC cars are free in the Autoshow.

No free access to Falken Pack, NAPA Pack, G Shock Pack, and Storm Island Cars Pack.

Cars are there, but are all asking for Credits to be redeemed.

:confused: Greeeeaaaaattttt.

Same here. Purchased car pass along with VIP pass at launch. Haven’t played for month, and just started it up after opening my new xbox (played previously on my brothers xbox). Got everything downloaded and installed and most of the cars need to credits to buy, only a few cars were free. Like 5 cars out of all the packs that I downloaded. :confused:

It happened to me too on the NAPA Chassis dlc but after i bought the cars on the game they became free
but hasnt happed again

I am also having this same issue… Dowloaded the new car pack and I have to pay for all the cars in the pack… It must be an issue with the servers…

Hey all,

I am also having the same issue - today I purchased the car pass (even though I have previously bought all car packs singularly up until 1 car pack ago - yeah I know, silly me) and they all came up as me having to buy them - yet I know the car pass is registered with the game as I can go into the autoshow and choose colours like a dl’d car. I even have to pay for the Noble, which I was under the impression was thrown in for free…

I am having the same issue on Forza 5. I bought the car pass and the cars still require me to buy them. I have all the trouble shooting steps and still no results. I paid $40 thinking I would have some free cars and none. What can be done about this issue Turn 10. I read these articles and I am not the only one so you must be aware of this issue.

I am also having this problem. Purchased the car pass tonight and installed all the packs, but don’t get the cars for free like it says. I’m not happy about this Turn 10! DLC cost $52.45au. I hope you have a solution or you have lost a customer for good. I already contacted xbox support and they gave me a link to you. But it seems impossible to actually contact someone here for help. Why don’t you have real support instead of a message that says “Have a look at our FAQs to see if your question about Forza Motorsport has already been answered, and to find out how to contact Turn 10 studios if you still have a question or concern.” There are no FAQs or contact details!


Next day and all DLC cars are now free to purchase, have my 100 tokens back and even received 4 gift cars from turn 10. Don’t know how this happened but I am grateful to whoever fixed the problem. Hope everyone else has the same happen for them.

Thanks turn 10.

ahh, its good to know i’m not going crazy. seems like i’m not the only one with this issue. i went dark from the series since shortly after the release of the car pack that included the bmw m4 (can’t remeber the name of the car pack) and after hearing about the new storm island expansion i decided to fire up the one and check out what i’ve been missing.