[FIXED] Losing Forzathon points and only getting 30 when I have VIP

“FIXED”: Some VIP players may notice they are not receiving double #Forzathon points when completing a #Forzathon Live event. This is a known UI error and will be fixed in a future update. If you check the total points earned before the race vs after and are still only receiving 1x the points, please double check to make sure you own the Lake Lodge.

This issue has not been fixed, started having this issue on 12/27/18
I lost 240 points to this problem since the 27th.

Anyone else having this problem?

Edit: I seemed to fix it, by reacquiring the VIP house on the lake.

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Happened to me just now all of the sudden :frowning: got to look for that house. Well found the house and got 60 Points again but did not get 5 superwheel spin when I collected the house maybe you have to buy it with credits to get those.

You shouldnt really be getting those spins again anyway since you got them when you initally got the house

Seems that’s another glitch…some people get them…most don’t

This is not solved for me as well. Went back to the specific house, it shows as my house, not an option to buy again, rebooted XBOX, power cycled, nothing.

I just need the VIP double Forzathon Points which I am not getting.


I never got the option to re-buy the house, but my VIP points payout returned to normal and there were 5 super wheel spins waiting for me.

I got the same issue myself and I cannot rebuy the house either. Says I own it but since yesterday I don’t get double forzathon points. Kinda annoying as I am trying to get 800 points for the new civic and its so slow without double points.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same issue since a few days. Wondered if there was a change, then found this thread.

only getting 30 forza points for the life event and only 100 for the season event…

Read the thread and you will know how to fix it