[FIXED] Gift cars send succesfully but no one is arrived

I’ve send more than 10 cars to friend his Forza 3 for those achievement: coinnoisseur

But he said he did not received ANY cars yet and ive checked, he spoke truth

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Whats your friends gamertag? Have you checked their achievements? You only need 1 car from each manufacturer to get that in Forza 3.

Yeah before send ‘gift car’ i checked right name then send it

And friend just said there is still nothing in message center, its still empty

Right before i did in FM4 and it worked perfect, like immefiately received etc… now FM3 doesnt work …

Great its like lose 30 millions of cars cuz they were mostly R1-R2-R3 and some A and lower class cars

Once that friend done his championships, races, events then he send them back but if he still received nothing i dunno what to do to fix it

He showed me proof through skype video webcam (he is deaf anyway)
He showed his poor money like 630k, few cars in his My cars but none ive send to him and also empty inbox message center

Edit: after TWO hours, and one level up i finally received cars