[FIXED] Ferrari 458 Scuderia rear wing glitch

I’ve tried searching for this issue, but didn’t get any results.

I added the Forza Motorsport race rear wing to a Ferrari 458 Scuderia this morning, and got this

Got aero?? Something tells me that probably wouldn’t pass scrutineering!!! lmao

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How have they still not fixed this yet? I think they keep this in the game for the meme´s

What’s wrong with it🤔

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It’s too narrow!

That’s the No Overtaking Allowed upgrade :slight_smile:


We have passed this along to be investigated.


Honestly, with all of these issues Forza Motorsport 7 is having, like the lack of spectator modes, the broken car paint designs, the constant game crashing, and the weird multiplayer lobbies, something is telling me that this game was rushed.

Yes, and not to mention a number of cars without shifting animations, and lighting issues in game.

Or the problems with car wheels detaching from cars whenever you start a race!
Or the black squares over cars.
Etc etc.

This has been resolved in the February CU.

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