Fix your "Race in the Rain" mod please!

This is still broken since launch. I see the race event has the rain symbol, so I put on my “race in the rain” mods, then it turns out the event is only overcast. That doesn’t satisfy the mod.

If the event has the rain symbol, the mod should be counted as completed. Alternatively, if the race is only overcast, don’t put the rain symbol on the menu screens for it.

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Have you completed those races? Some start out overcast but end in the rain.


Yes I have. I’m referring to those which start overcast and remain overcast for the duration.

Before you use the Rain Mod check if the environment in Race Setup is “RAIN”. I’ve used the rain mod in rain races with no issues, but I always check the race setup to confirm it’s really rain instead of judging the environment from the background splash screens.

How many laps are your races? I use longer races and sometimes it doesn’t start raining until I’m a few laps in…

I mostly agree with the OP; I’ve done extra long races that have the “rain” icon during the loading screen etc. but either remain overcast, or turn to sun later in the race. Having said that, it’s not really a problem with the mod so much as it’s a problem with the dynamic weather implementation as well as race set-up. Either way, it should be addressed, and luckily you don’t lose the mod if the droplets never start to fall.

Weather forecasts that get it wrong - you have to admire the realism.


Lol great response

The game has 16 different rain settings. 9 of them have no rain.


Has anyone noticed a grip difference between full dry races and “wet” races that never rain (or before the rain starts)? Curious as to how the game handles wets when you have no control over tyre choice.

got to say its a good bug lol

Easiest way to decide if you should use that mod is to wait until the track has finished loading and see if it’s actually raining.

Sometimes it rains…I don’t see an issue with a forecast that is sometimes incorrect, and it’s definitely not a bug.

It’s definitely a bug. They didn’t implement a weather forecasting system. Like someone above said, rain has 16 settings and something like 9 of them are variations of cloudy. The rain symbol on the menu shows up when rain setting 1-16 is used. The mod only ticks as completed when rain setting 10-16 is used. The menu icon and the mod should be in sync with each other, either both use 1-16 or both use 10-16.

Apologies to the younger generation of racers but…


So far I’ve had only two of those mods and it’s been a while, so if I recall incorrectly my apologies.

Way at the beginning, I thought you could use the mod to make it rain. But the game wouldn’t accept the mod, since it wasn’t a wet race.
When I used it on a wet race, the checkbox remained empty until it actually started to rain.
That would tell me that this is not a bug, but a feature. You don’t get an increased score until it actually starts to rain, by design.
The reasoning behind a sort of gamble card eludes me, same as a ‘mod’ card that you can use to increase your score when it is already raining (although it would be similar to ‘double down’).
Apparently, the challenge behind the card is to actually check whether it is going to rain.