FIX THE COOP !!!!!!!!

why did the player search work in FH4 and not in FH 5? it can’t be that you have to search for so long and then you get aborted or you’re in the wrong RACE !!

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In FH4 was the little notification thingy for coop/pvp so it was easy for other players to join

in FH5 with the new fancy sessions noone was thinking about gameplay so you have to wait until some other player is starting same event in coop mode

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Co-Op doesn’t work. Seems like they can’t even copy paste same code from FH4 to FH5 correctly. LMAO.

In FH4, I used to complete Festival Playlist’s seasonal championships in Co-Op with randoms. It used to be fun. But in FH5, I am all alone and the game getting on my nerves due to absurd amount of bugs.


I’ve a similar problem. I try to connect to a seasonal coop race (5 point) but it tries to connect me to random one. I don’t get an option to select a car, my current car (not compatible with the race) is automatically selected. Finally I’m disconnected in several minutes. PVP works in 90% cases, trial race (10 points) works fine.

Forza Support replied me that it’s a Xbox multiplayer problem and I should solve it with Xbox support. It seems to me that there is just a robot that “solves” reported bugs.

I think it’s related to these issues:
Coop - Festival Playlist - Seasonal Championships - Player could enter the Co-op Seasonal Championship in their own car and then got disconnected during loading cutscene (Date Added:01.26.22)
Coop - Festival Playlist - Occasionally the wrong race may load after matchmaking for championships. (Date Added:01.26.22)

I hope it will be fixed sometime but who knows. Team Adventures in FH4 were never fixed, it’s broken for years…

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I seem to have a similar issue. I can’t connect to any Seasonal Championships but I can play the Playground Games and The Trial. I can connect to the Seasonal Championships if I’m in a convoy with a friend and that’s the only way I can play in co-op mode. I’m sure it used to work a few seasons ago but the past two seasons I’ve not been able to play co-op Seasonal Championships. Very annoying.

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This game is completely broken. Eliminator has 3 sec lag which causes enourmous damage while doing head-to-head, coop championships are broken, treasure hunt is broken even 3 months after the release, many accolades are broken thus you can’t complete some parts of the hall of fame, almost 1/5 of the cars from FH4 disappeared into the air and they are literally drip feeding and labeling them as “eXcLuSiVeS”, ranked racing is gone and current status of online racing is probably one of the worst in the whole genre…

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I also have that in normal races you are 1 then with 3 or you are 5 and then 1 place.

A couple of times I have actually managed into seasonal co-op race with the wrong car and it has allowed me to race. lol

You can get reported for cheating/glitching and actually get banned for this. Be careful.

Hardly my fault if the game doesn’t kick me out for having the wrong car, its not like I did it on purpose, I was waiting for car select to come up it didn’t so I fully expect to be kicked out the lobby as has happened before.

The same for me : i try to launch a seasonnal event using Coop like in FH4, and it loads another event , then crashes when the car is turning on a podium …