[FIX NEEDED] Session.EXE Broke


I would love to know if any Forza Staff took a look on the rankings from Ranked Team adventure @RetroKrystal .

How can it be that nearly every player from the Top 10 and some below can make THOUSANDS of points under 24h hours?

How is it possible to get grandmaster while playing alone ranked team adventure?

I can give you the answer: They are abusing the System. I dont want to tell how it’s working exactly but when you play the actual game you will notice that you get many points when your team has less players especially 5v6. . . . .

I would love to hear from a Staff if the grandmaster title is worth completly nothing because you can only reach this rank by abusing the system atm.

When will get a fixed multiplayer? You have a last chance on fixing the game with the DLC. Please