Fix for Thrustmaster TX and maybe T300 wheels

Have seen lots of posts about Thrustmaster TX/T300 wheels not working.

I think I’ve discovered the problem. If you have your wheel set up in the control panel as “Advanced” (to have the 27 button layout, for example, with the F1 wheel add-on) Forza will not recognize the wheel. If you switch to “Standard” mode (less buttons) it will detect the wheel right away and prompt you to use the buttons to navigate the menus.

Hope this helps some of you.

I’m using TX Servo Base, Ferrari F1 Wheel, and some old T500 (T3PA-Pro should act the same) pedals and excited to get down to testing this game out finally!

Dont work for me.
I use original xbox one tx ferrari italia wheel, no standard/avanced switch

May only be applicable for the Ferrari F1 Wheel, but once I disabled that Advanced Mode everything was perfect and I completed my first race!

Tried That Didnt Work. Doesn’t recognize my Thrustmaster TX Rims/Base on latest firmware/drivers or my Fanatec CSP pedals, . Wont detect those either! T10 this is not adding wheel support when the game cant even detect connected hardware in windows and the control panel…

Many of us run different Rims. Pedals & Bases. If we cant rebind Gas/Brake/Clutch etc for a different branded piece of hardware to our Base/Rim were using, then whats the damn point!

So at this point, both my TX Rim/Base wont work and neither will the CSP pedals… Uninstall coming up…

A. The game was free
B. It’s the first release to support ANY wheel

Give it some time and I’m sure they will sort things out.

I’m having the same issue with the T150 wheel… Incompatible. Where is this advanced to standard option lurking in the control panel?

Ok I fixed my issue. I installed the latest T150 drivers for Windows 10 (dated May 2016) but that wasn’t enough. I had to launch the firmware updater utility that was installed as part of the driver package. After updating the firmware (which it appeared was already the latest) the controller recognized itself in Control Panel as a Thrustmaster T150 as opposed to a generic Thrustmaster FFB Controller. Launched Apex and the wheel was already selected.

Guys are anyone running some standalone pedals I use a g25 pedals with my t300 rs and it is not working… Has anyone experienced this?

TX w/T3PA pedals working fine here - pretty good FFB. I’m hoping FM3 feels at least this good.

Same for me: TX Ferrari 458 Wheel with original pedals. Firmware: 50.B9, Driver: doesn’t work in apex 6 (you have selected a layout that is not compatible with your wheel).

I wanna play Horizon 3 on the pc, hopefully tx wheel will work.

i solve the problem, plugin then wheel in back usb port, no in front one.
Autodetected as TX, but dont detect 3 pedals addon, but creating a custom config work also the cluth pedal.

I have the tx 458 wheel and pedals stock and it works perfectly. It’s honestly the best experience I’ve had with this wheel on pc. For people having issues I wonder if it had to do with not having an Xbox one controller??

Thanks for your feedback. I have an XBOX One Controller on PC as well… but TX Wheel ist still not working on PC for APEX 6. (but on f1 2016 or project cars without any problems.).

I was in here reading all the problems people seem to be having with the TX and assumed I would encounter some difficulty. Seems strange, but my TX was working perfectly right away. Really strong feedback as well. Definitely a brain teaser trying to figure this out.