Fix alfa 33 please?

Will this car ever get fixed? It’s broken as hell, and impossible to beat in drag races. Just not fun. After 3rd gear it teleports. This car needs a fix. There’s no reason that it should be nearly as fast as it is.

What’s to fix? Just like real life, 1170 odd HP in a 650 odd kg car will always be fast. Do you expect 900 HP 1300 kg Muscle cars to beat it or something?


Nerf the Alfa and then what?

Maybe the Ultima will be next in line, then the Hennesey.

Eventually we will be running stock beetles in the drag races.


Nah, we just need a better alternative for drag racing…

8 seconds in the 1/4mi with your Alfa? That’s cute. Try 0-300MPH in 3 seconds…

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Hahah same here sometimes i just upgrade the exhaust. Im not a fan of a 900hp BMW or Mercedes its unreal as …

hell yeah man I prefer F1 bt I live in the US so I don’t get to see them race IRL but I do see these and they’re VICIOUS. I’ve been waiting for these to come in forza for a while.

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The thing is, to PROPERLY bring these cars to life, they’d have to model the occasional engine “failure” (read: spectacular explosion).

And if we’re gonna go all NHRA-wishlisty, I have four words that trump the rail dragster: Monster Truck Trail Race.

EDIT: Grave Digger FTW!

It seriously wouldn’t be very hard to get it in game. It’s still a car, just a very unique one… But I wasn’t actually trying to request an NHRA Top Fueler with that post, I was just trying to remind people that there are far more “OP” drag cars in existence. People complain about the Alfa now? Try having a car that’ll run 3.4s in the 1/4mi at 300+MPH in public drag lobbies… Would I like a top fueler in Forza? Yes, but I’ll post in the wishlist thread when I’m really serious about wanting it.

Anyways, this thread is about nerfing the Alfa… I’m personally against nerfing it. The faster we can run drag races with the cars in game the happier I’ll be. Because at the end of the day, how many other console games offer decent drag racing? Er, NFS Pro Street… I think that’s it?

The only way to fix it is to remove the possibility of switching engines, transmissions and the use of race weight reduction, I personally would not mind such a change since I never upgrade my cars more than would be done in real life, I’m too old to find any pleasure in driving unreal X999 cars :wink:

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The best thing to do is just veer off to the side during a drag race and “accidentally” cause the person that’s driving the X999 Alfa 33 to “spin off”…

They are super fast

And that’s why when i’m setting up a drag race i turn collisions off.


You can’t choose that though in the car meet showdown. Which is the only time I play drag race. So fortunately you can still impede the Alfa drivers that can only drive in a straight line assuming they’ll get an easy victory. I have no time for those types. A vote to kick option would obviously be better but that doesn’t seem to be a viable option in showdowns. Shame really because it’s not a showdown if there’s an Alfa 33 driver.

The only thing I find a shame is that you deliberately try and spin off other players driving the Alfa so you can have a better chance of winning. I assumed that when drag racing you are trying to be the quickest & that’s why people pick the Alfa because it’s the quickest.

Just get one also. the people who drive them cant race anyways. the shifting and racing you and i probably do is amazing compared to what he/she does. anyone can drive a straight line… Or like folks on here have told me do an online roadtrip. I have done quite a few and havent done one drag race yet and its fun

I like my pink veron for drag racing, not as fast as the alfa but still respectable, i have it in X and S2 tune, not much difference tho between the tunes

There is a whole world of events beyond unlimited-class drag racing, try them


Dont you like drag racing?, I like it when my head is aching with trying to keep up with you guys in the sprint races :))
its good to do some drag racing to relax a little, point and shoot i call it Hehe

I hope im not off topic i know its about the alfa 33, damn what a fast drag car the alfa 33 is tho guys.

Every car game has a fastest car. I don’t see the problem. Not like it’s hard to build or tune one. The D-cass Mini in FM5 is more “game-breaking” imo (too fast for its class).

Drag racing is boring anyway. They’ve given us a huge map and dozens of events, why play a few hundred yards at a time? I don’t mind the occasional drag, but ppl just do it over and over.

It’s like “racing” in GTA5 sometimes: “Hey, let’s do Down The Drain AGAIN, yeah!!! There’s only 4,000 things to do in this game!”

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Quoting this because this man preaches the truth. Personally, I avoid the drag strip at all costs. I’d like a 1/4 mile drag strip with no class penalties. That would make for some interesting tunes.