Five (5) Love Letters from Johniwanna!

Normally I don’t mind getting the “Love Letters” from other racers. So you beat my time, congratulations, I hope you got some good credits by doing so. And I do mean it sincerely. But last weekend I got a bunch and five yes 5 from Johniwanna. I thought that was a bit unfair, what did I do to be singled out as a target? I surely couldn’t be the slowest?

Ok so, I have had the odd one from other T10 staff, some from the moderators, a lot from frequent forum posters, Oven club members, generally a lot of good racers, even a couple from John. That is all good and I do expect it. But five in one week!! Really!!

I have been brooding over it all week. Friday night is the night for revenge! Ohhh and I got my revenge.
(Actually as I am posting this it is early Saturday morning Down Under.)

I have done my best and I beaten four (4) of Johniwanna’s times!! Kinda feel proud to give some payback. I know it won’t last long but I should be a little hard to beat now.

In doing so I got my Friends with benefits achievement and I have to apologise to PPiDrive, I sent you three tonight. You popped up as a rival when I finished a couple of events when trying to beat Johniwanna. You were a casualty of the time sheet tonight. Sorry!

Has anyone else had this many from Johniwanna?

I’ve have five LLs from an individual once, but the most I’ve ever had at once from John is four … It’s interesting to see the time stamps on them, and figure out which ones he beat easily and which ones took him a while :wink:

I do enjoy returning them all to sender though, eventually …


If you are in a club with someone or you have the on your friend’s list they will pop up with a Rival Notification anytime they beat one of your psoted times.

You don’t need to apologies for setting faster times - that and fun is what it’s all about. Normally, I go through and read them looking for people I recognize. If I do see Johnianna then I have to go try and beat it at some point.

Don’t feel bad about five though. I have over the course of one twitch broadcast and his "let’s go do some rivals in the February car Pack spree…’ received 6 or 7 from him in the course of an hour or two. It all depends on how you did the event to begin with.

Every track you race in Solo results in a rival time for whatever track and class you ran it in. There’s no way you’re setting faster times with 11 bumbling buffoons bombarding your Bowler…

Congrats, and good luck, hope it gets you some more credits. I’m off to cruise in my new DBR1 :slight_smile:

I’ve traded over a dozen with one rival in one night before. The more leaderboard times and active contacts you have the more notifications you’ll get (if you’re not #1)

By the way, here’s johniwanna’s rivals challenge for the week, posted on his Facebook page:

John is always sending love letters, usually beat his times as soon as he does. Though a lot of the times he’s getting VooDoo to do it for him :wink:

Isn’t this cheating?

If he is then VooDoo is getting slower :wink:

lol I got bombed with LL’s from John this week too…he’s getting faster all the time :slight_smile:

For every Love Letter I receive from John I try to send him two back.

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“He sends one of your leaderboard times to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Forza way.”


LOL! Johniwanna did send one of my times to the hospital, so I sent one of his times to the morgue, a second to sleep with the fishes, a third got a nice pair of cement shoes and the fourth is spending some time with Jimmy Hoffa.