[FIT] VRstyle46 - Designs

Hey guys, here some of my designs…one of them…but there’s more

#54 Citroen DS3r - Team Gize Motorsport

Nice paint, very clean original design. I will pick this up tonight!

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Looks nice mate, very clean and the logos are really crisp. Nice design here.

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Thx Ace Ventura PI

Here some W.I.P’s

Team Amazon Armada Honda Civic TC
Progress Status: Very early

Abu Dhabi Racing
Progress Status: Very early

*Spezial Livery for V8 Supercars Grand Prix @ Yas Marina Circuit

Rebel Racing
Progress Status: Early

BIG FM BMW Motorsport
Progress Status: Very very early

*most sponsors logos on the cars serve as a placeholder

I am liking that Rebel Racing Falcon. Nice job there mate, I can’t wait to see how these come out when they are complete.

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Wow those are some great original designs, do like the V8 & BMW


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I have to agree with AB, those are some great WIP’s I love the forza number box, has a great realistic feel to it. I think that is the ultimate compliment to any original design, that it looks so good you figure its got to be a replica. Great work mate, looking forward to your future releases.

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Great work mate nice to see another familiar face on FM5 :slight_smile:

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Nice designs! I especially like the DS3 :slight_smile:

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Very Nice and crips designs mate! Frresh stuff!

~Keep up the good work~

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Thanks a lot for the kind words! keep working :wink:


Walkabout Ford V8 looks stunning! Great job on the logo!

Hello Fellas

Another W.I.P

inspired by this one: Drive M7 Aspar #69 Nicky Hayden

Great start! I like how you work with the lines of the car :slight_smile:

very nice stuff mate

Looking good mate, that is pretty good stuff!

The Hyundai project has to wait! I’m busy with this V8 Monster!


Looking good mate, really cool base design and that logo work is very crisp. I can’t wait to throw that car around Bathurst! Nice job.

Base design is great, nice and clean, looks very nice.

Hi Andy!

Very happy to see you again on work, and like always with amazing designs and great touch, top work my dear friend :wink: Love the DS3 and wait for Veloster!

FIT are still here, a big hug from La Famiglia… :slight_smile:

ciao ciao, Alessio.