[FIT] RECAR DEEP5 paints(1983 GMC Vandra G-1500 9-13-15)

Hi everyone
Just wanted to share my paints I’m a bit of a rookie, but here they are.

1968 Firebird

The real car

The paint and A600 class tune tune are free in my SF

1965 Mustang

The Real Car

Paint in Sf for free, A B500 non aero Tune in sf also

1965 GTA

The Real Car (1967 GTV)

Paint In sf for 1,000cr
A B500 tune can be found at xX PR0731N4 Xx Sf for 1,000cr

1969 Camaro SS

The Real Car

Paint in SF for free, A600 tune in sf also

1973 Trans am

The Real Car

Paint in SF for free

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Really good work keep it going

some nice clean designs there. good work

Sorry I did’nt take the time to check out your gallery before Really great work there I really like the rota GT Ford Thanks again.

Thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile:


Nice. Very nice. Very very very nice.

Thanks GroovierWolf

All the paints are on my SF now for free (except the GTA) I edited the op.

Also thought I would share this Barracuda its not Trans am, just one I did a little while ago. A C425 tune and the paint both free on my SF

Theese are all really good, mate! If I was to pick on something it would that the colors are just a tad off one some replicas.
Keep up the good work!

yea that’s something I kinda struggle with is matching the paint color I checked out your gallery your really good thanks for your feedback.

“Just a side note, I know this is nitpicky but for some reason that “Landau” cover on the 69 Z/28 in the game nearly ruins that car for me. LOL. I’ve always NOT liked those tops. Make it bare, make it bare!!!”

I agree I wish they would have left the vinyl top off that’s one of the reasons I choose to do that paint, because it was black and the top would blend in.

Just a side note, I know this is nitpicky but for some reason that “Landau” cover on the 69 Z/28 in the game nearly ruins that car for me. LOL. I’ve always NOT liked those tops. Make it bare, make it bare!!!

But yours looks really good with the dark paint. Almost like it’s not there. :slight_smile: Why did they do this??? Did all 69 Z’s have that top? For some reason I didn’t think they did.

Very nice Deeps!! Clean, old-school stuff! And thanks for putting it up (with tune) for free! Is that Firebird Jerry Titus’ car?

Thanks and yes it is

Also not to mislead anyone the tunes that are listed so far are at the top of class.There not built to the original cars specs. I am going to try and build some up to spec hopefully soon.

I’m not as well versed in the world of “vintage” cars but those all look very nice to me. Great job.

Thanks for the feedback

Here is one of the first ones I ever done but I never had the guts to release. I put it on my SF about a month or 2 ago so I figured I might as well post it here.

914 Porsche

Its based of off this car

Looks pretty good mate but the 998 font could use some work. Keep up the good stuff.

Thanks for your feedback yea it was one of the first ones I did. I need to go back and redo it. I took a quick look thru your gallery you have some awesome paints, Thanks again.

No problem mate. I know you can do it, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my breath. Keep up the good work and thank you. I am glad you like my gallery.

^ :slight_smile:

Just finished this #6 Mark Donohue Javelin paint its on my SF for free

The real car

Also started on this last night I don’t know how well I will be able to replicate it because I can’t make out all the decals yet. I really like this paint so I’m going to do the best I can.

I also put a tune up for the Camaro.

Very good job on the Javelin!!!

How come you flip flopped the sunoco and the Javelin decals on the fender and door? I didn’t even know you could paint the front ground effect thingy. Very cool.


its that way on the real car to, its the Sunoco Javelin. I was able to paint the front spoiler because it’s the stock one, no aero on this car I wanted to keep it looking like the real one as best as I could. Thanks again for the feedback.

This is as far as I got so far I might have to improvise on some of the decals. The car is not going to look exactly like the real one anyway because of the hood and the rear aero. I figured I should put full aero on it because it will be a bit of a handful to drive with only the front aero.