First time playing Forza since version 4 - Need advice on everything!

Well I have only just come back to Forza as sold my 360 when PS4 came out, so last version I played was version 4. However Forza 7 looked amazing so picked up an X and graphically its is tremendous, but that is where it stops. First off I have zero interest in playing online, it is all about the single player for me. So I have a few questions:

  1. Every car seems to have horrendous understeer, how can I fix?
  2. I cannot get the hang of braking and staying competitive, if I brake early I get overtaken, if I brake late it locks and I understeer in to the wall.
  3. The AI cars are idiots, I have read up on the aggression thing and turn it off but they still drive me off the road at corners.
  4. Can I disable this homogolate crap? I used to love upgrading my cars, but every time I try and upgrade it takes me over the limit?

An example car I am using right now is the Ferrari California, it steers like a dog! There used to be an app for Forza 4 IIRC that had a load of shared tunes, I see DL tuning which I have yet to try, is this good?

Currently I am not enjoying this game like I used to in Forza 5 and before.

The best method for braking is to turn ABS off and only press the brake trigger around 70-80% of the way. You can feel from the controller vibration when you are about to lock up, so ease off the force on the trigger.

Also the cars understeer most while accelerating or braking, so during corners it’s best to turn the car without pressing the triggers too much, then accelerating only on exit.

I’d recommend downloading tunes, Raceboy has one for most cars, and some cars will understeer more than others.

  1. By DL tuning do you mean with website with the same name? Or do you mean the option to download tuning options? Both are viable. Download a tune from someone like Raceboy77, ERS Bassman, Attax Johnson or GTR JuularGT as they are really good tuners and will give you a car that is usually very neutral and easy to drive. If you meant DL Tuning the website, it’s a web based tuning spreadsheet that will give you a solid base that you can then adjust on the fly to suit your driving style. It will definitely help find the source of your under-steer woes. Use it until you get familiar enough that you don’t need it anymore. A quick fix however, is an adjustable front wing, just max out the downforce and adjust the rear wing to find a nice balance.

  2. To improve braking, go to free play, select a track and then press right bumper to see the free play option, select it, this will allow you to practice on the track and tune on the fly. Once you’re out on track, press up on the d pad and then cycle through to the braking overlay and keep practicing braking, you want your brakes to be between 60-80% under braking, every time. Any less and you are not braking optimally and will lose time. Any more and you’ll lock up and crash. For assists, turn ABS off but turn the braking line assist on, there’s really no down side to it.

  3. Turn limit AI agression to OFF. With it on, the AI will ignore you completely, and smash into you through corners because it doesn’t register your presence.

  4. No.

Yes and no. Yes, but only in free play mode (use advanced settings). In career you can’t.

  1. You can tune for less understeer in several ways. But if you’re not familiar with tuning it’s best to try downloading popular tuning setups and trying them out in free play. As suggested above, free play is a great place to practice driving and to learn how tuning affects your car (in Test Drive).
  2. Mastering braking takes practice and learning landmarks on the track that can remind you when to brake. Turning ABS off will give you more control of your brakes, but it will also punish you for harsh braking or braking at the wrong time in a turn. In my opinion, the best advice I ever received was to use “small inputs”. That goes for throttle, braking and turning. The smaller the input, the better your chances are of maintaining momentum and being competitive. I think Rivals mode is a great tool for learning this, because you can choose a rival who is faster and chase them. In doing so, you learn better lines around the track and pick up on where to brake.
  3. The AI cars can be idiots, for sure. But, you can also learn a lot by driving more defensively, in my opinion. I haven’t decided if there is anything gained by switching Limit a Aggression on or off.
  4. You cannot turn off Homologation in career mode, but you can build and tune cars however you like, and create your own races in Free Play.

I hope you found the advice you were looking for. Have fun.


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I always thought there was a bigger learning curve going from 4 to 5. The controllers and game just seem a lot more sensitive as far as the brakes. Check your settings on your controller goto options within the game and make sure that all the settings are 0 and 100. There are a bunch of threads already about how to set up you controller. That may help some. The brakes still seem sensitive after changing the settings to me anyway. You do with practice learn the lockup point. If you can brake without hitting that you should be ok. As some one else said turn off abs. The rest is just learning the tracks and getting the braking points and turn in points down. Do rivals and follow some of the fast guys see where they brake and turn in. Here is another tip slow down. Sounds counter intuitive if you want to go fast but if you are experiencing under steer then you are going to fast. Some corners you just have to be slow in and accelerate out of it. If you fighting the car in the corners you are loosing time. You should flow through the turns. You would be surprised at how far a lap time goes down by slowing down. and the lap will be clean. Actually don’t worry about clean laps during a race too many variables dirty a lap. Rivals is where you go to work on and post your fastest clean laps.
Trying to get through traffic is also a huge challenge. The AI do not even seem to notice you and will smash into you especially the first lap. You can now choose the number of laps so you are not trying to win a 3 lap sprint. You can set the number of laps to as many as you want. It use to be short, long and extra long. A longer race gives you more time to move through the field. You can wait out the first turn carnage if you want. If you do try to move up as many spots on the start be prepared to check up or even stop for the AI as they do can and will crash check up and spin. I have gotten through the field at the start without a scratch. It can be done but it does take practice.
Another thing to practice is overtaking and being overtaken. Don’t approach cars at the rocket ship speeds as sometimes they will try to block late and you have no time to react. If you approach them slower you will have time to react if they do block late or brake a the apex of corner which the ai love to do. Passing on a straight is best if you can that means hang back approaching a car at a corner and get a better exit that means more speed and you can pass them on the straight.
Hope that helps.

I ran Forza 4 and loved it. I had found Forza 7 cars to drive pretty rotten in stock form. I downloaded ForzaTune 6 and have been using that app to get me some basic tunes for myself. The one area it seems bit off is in gearing. The cars turn in and stability are greatly improved with the app. The big hurdle I have is trying to upgrade a car in its class only to find that virtually every upgrade pushes it out of its class.

I try and get the tunable race suspension, brakes, then diff, aero kind of in that order. I’m not a fast guy by any means but can swing along in the 3% to 5% lap times once tuned to my liking. I have tried available tunes but haven’t found ones I consistently like to drive. I have enjoyed tinkering around with the tunable bits to get the car to drive to my style using the app. The app lets you adjust to more oversteer or understeer, which is really helpful.

Have fun!

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I downloaded the app, but it is rendered almost useless due to the homologate crap. I get why they did it in multiplayer by WHY in single player? Upgrading the hell out of a car was fun! Now I cannot add any upgrades as it breaks limit.

Thanks for advice on @khimaros - I have used superboy77 tunes and they seem ok. Getting better, but still fed up that you cannot upgrade cars in single player anymore. Totally stupid!

In tuning forums, check for Ceasars Wrath tuning spreadsheet and app.

With Homologation, you can still use the app but do a manual Homologation so you can install race brakes, race suspension, race sway bars and race diff, so you can still tune.

1 and 2: Turn off ABS. For me having it on was basically a choice between not stopping because I couldn’t push the brake far enough or not stopping because ABS triggered with zero sweet spot between them. The second I turned it off a lot of the understeer went away and threshold braking was actually possible.

3: I’ve found the AI to be a lot more enjoyable when you’re a bit more deliberate when passing. What I mean by that is rather then just coming up fast and diving around pull in behind them, give it a moment to notice you, then pull out of line to pass. Using the longer race settings and keeping the difficulty as high as you can keep up with (remember a few outliner tracks will need to come down a notch or two) make that a lot more possible. Granted there will be times this simply isn’t a great idea but sticking with the habit tends to turn those times into paint trading taps rather then dramatic shoving.

4: Not for career, free play can be setup however you like. That said you can manually homologate cars even in career, just remember that it’s far more restrictive then the older class system. You might also need to remove the default parts from the homologate option before starting to make sure one of those aren’t pushing it over.

A few other things I wish I knew starting out.
1: Those locked behind a level 4 collector level events in the first championship, ignore them you get the cars in showcases in the next one.
2: Get the racing suits when ever you can. Once you get the bulk of them that level option switches to mod cards that are far better then what I’ve seen from the crates.
3: MB Trucks accelerate well enough from top gear that whole event turns into a gimme even at unbeatable.