First time going at the Photo Competition

So I’ve taken 3 picture and labeled them all photocomp19 and shared them with their exact car make and model, is there anything else that I am missing? If so, please let me know. I love Forzatography, and I really want people to see my art. And who knows, if they like it, i could win something right? And just to clarify, there can be more than one person who can win some prizes right? And yes, I did read the post about the competition. I just need to see if that’s everything that I have done.

Thank you, and sincerely, JoJoMcTheGreat.

So i got everything? Cause no one’s clarified if i correctly registered or not

You’re good to go. You don’t have to put in the exact make and model when you share it. Just make sure the description has the photocomp we’re on. If you win, you will get 500,000 credits in-game. You can also post your Gamertag and a NON-DLC car of your choice in the photocomp thread and they will send that as well. Good luck! :slight_smile: