First Replica 37 Signals RUF Design

So this is my first replica design in Forza 5. Previously I have been mainly designing Seahawks cars and some police designs, but I wanted to take it further and give a replica a try. Below is the details.

Time spent designing: 4hrs (the RUF body is a tricky one to design compared to other cars)
Car: RUF RT 12 S
File Name/Description: “37 Signals”
Live In-Game graphic preview:


Notes: I ran out of layers on the top section. The arrow on the front is slanted due to it not matching up properly between the hood/grill and bumper area. I couldn’t paint the mirrors orange like I would have liked to due to them being carbon fiber in game. Rather than make a Yokohama sticker I just put a white bg behind it. All in all I hope I did alright. I really like it and hope others will too!

Sweet looking rep! :smiley:

Thanks Totlxtc, I appreciate the comment.

Hours well spent!
However, I’ll throw in some advice to give it that extra push.

  1. It’s a bit hard to see on your source photos, but that transition from yellow to black seems a bit hard. Try using a gradient to soften it up.
  2. Writing. What makes a good design great. Avoid using the ingame fonts as long as it’s not identical. Ingame fonts are great as a base, as they can easily be changed completly by adding a few extra layers! Same goes for numbers.

I hope that’s not greek to you.

Other than that, you’re off to a great start in the replica world!

I understand the text issue, my eyes were going cross-eyed and I wanted to cross the finish line so I went with the basic fonts, but I totally agree that they should be used as a base at best. I will try to add the gradient and see what if it will soften it up a little, it does look abrupt and I tried to combat that but I did not try a gradient. Thanks for the advice!

Nothing you said was “greek” to me lol I actually own my own graphic & webdesign business that I do on the side so I understand overlay, gradients, etc etc I just am use to using Photoshop and Illustrator to do this sort of stuff lol…

For a first attempt at a replica you have done a good job. I agree you should use a gradient between the yellow on black. Every car you do you will learn new tricks. So keep them comming.

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Looking pretty good mate, I know you will get better with time. Don’t be afraid to make your own logos and you will be good. I saw your Seahawks cars and they are nice. It is just a matter of practice and time before you will be a top race painter. I know that you already started out well with this nice replica but you will just get better and better.

Cheers, Ace

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Good thing. Can’t wait to see your next paint. :slight_smile:

I just revised the design.

Nice replica and nice Pic. I love the Pic. Good job made.

I have been looking for a good RT 12 design, I’ll be picking this one up later. Great job!

Thanks man I appreciate it!! I downloaded a great tune to go along with it so this is all I race right now.

well done on such an awesome design. keep them coming :slight_smile:

Thanks gib, appreciate it!