First multiplayer race thoughts...

So last night i played my first multiplayer race, im level 64 and have played all of the last forza’s, and this is the first time i have tried multiplayer out. Is it just me or do the cars feel like you are driveing on a layer of ice??? I mean i was driving my honda prelude in single player with all assists off and it was handling great. so i took it online and i couldnt stay on the road going around turns, it was horrible.

So is it just me?? or are the online racing physics really this bad??

The online racing physics are the same physics as the offline racing physics.

Drives the same multiplayer/solo to be honest. I played multiplayer on an earlier version of Forza quite some time ago and was like you thinking I was on Ice and so fully expected it to still be the same. I found it was the same multiplayer/solo , quite impressed with how good it was to be honest.

Latency maybe ?

OP, you’ve got issues with your internet connection. I had the same problem when I first started playing multiplayer. The cars would slide, braking took much longer, etc. Well, my system completely crashed the one day and wouldn’t work at all, so I had to get in touch with Xbox. They had a tech work with me and change all kinds of settings. I know nothing about the stuff, but he increased something with the internet settings and now the physics are the excatly the same.

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My cars have not changed physically on multiplayer. I actually really enjoyed the multiplayer. I don’t know why you would have had your car acting differently…you didn’t use a new tune or anything like that did you?

I’ve posted the same observation but opinion seems to be in favour of the idea that it was my fault lol … I still call shenanigans though, and haven’t been back online in a while …


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It is the same reason to a lesser extent that Dwight Howard can make 90% of his free throws in practice but 50% in games. Pressure albeit however slight can cause unforced errors.

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I often run what I think is a quick time in MP and after I leave the lobby I go and run in rivals mode and beat my MP time. Should I conclude the physics are different?

In rivals mode it matters not if I miss a turn or run wide or even spin. I have next lap to try again. Online, with the exception of the better, consistent drivers, I believe a lot of people race conservative lines to ensure they put in 3 solid laps rather than risk doing 2 quick laps and one with a 5 second mistake because they spin out.

The traffic also affects the human drivers among us.

I am not questining people’s experience but just suggesting there are other reasons why people think there is a difference in the physics model.

this has nothing to do with lap times. i was actually trying to get the caboose achievement, and noticed that i could barely make the turns because my car wanted to slide off the road and didnt want to brake, the same tune and setup i had been driving around in single player for a while before trying online. like someone said maybe its lag, all the voices from people had a lagged robot sound and even someone else commented about it during the race.

If it is lag you usually know. Does the car speed up and slow down? This is a new trait on Forza 5 / xbox one. It is like you actually see your car rubber banding.