First impressions

Never say it is too late…

The hard part I have encountered personally is the steering sensitivity while coming from a “track only” I would call “race cars”. Totally different. Took me a while to adjust.

What has helped me instantly is starting to drive from the cockpit view. That changed it all.

So now I ask! I am at the beginning, I can’t even change my car yet [Audi TTS I chose] and I am just driving around and around. Went by the H Festival a couple times but nothing happened… Good practice but, when will that change?

Why are all the cars going so slow?..

I am getting many points of close calls, a couple crashes… will that delay me from different cars or whatever is next?

A good thing I figured out the manual shifting and NO RADIO!!! [You Tube really… not me!]

I think I am going to enjoy this much more than a “track”!

Never say too late… I am 74 years young!

Stay well… Ara

Here’s a guide: Tips for start and beginners - Forza Horizon 4 Game Guide |

Have fun!

Over your first few hours you can do the barn finds to get some faster cars for free.

74, well done!

The game can be overwhelming because of the amount of variety it throws at you. Fortunately if you take it slow you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Your Map is key to the experience of the game. As an open world game, you should open your map and notice icons that will start appearing on it. Those Icons will be for dirt track races, sometimes drag races, sometimes street type races, etc.

You can click on any of those icons and “set a route”, this will create a virtual GPS (SatNav) that shows you the way to your destination. If you follow the GPS you will eventually arrive at said destination and there you will have the option to Enter the race. Here you will then race other competitive cars that will give you a run for your money. Here is where you will see barriers or checkpoint flags that have to be passed through, if you aren’t sure what to do just follow the other cars and soon it will start to make sense. Remember in this game you can stray off the track if you want to…its a risk-reward situation, do I stay on the track or do I try and cut the track but lose grip on the grass/sand/etc…

You will notice that some cars on the road with you (in free-roam, aka: Just driving around without being in an actual race, some are just there to casually be obstacles for you to race around and avoid…others will be performance cars driving more aggressively, those cars usually have little icons on the mini-map associated with them, those cars can be “street raced” individually…you drivve up behind them and press a button and an impromptu street race with a random destination will appear, and a street race will ensue.


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Thank you for the reply which helps tremendously.
Microsoft website also has many answers I am finding out, especially how to start over which I did without losing any settings.
Slow is indeed the key, finding out what works and what does not work.
I have to admit that I am really enjoying the game! I love driving and since I cannot do Rallies anymore [for sure!] this is the next best thing. I have a nice set up with a curved gaming monitor, good sound from BOSE speakers, wheel… a dedicated room! I had the “funny” and “not real” thought" about selling my JCW Mini [324hp +/-…] which I play with on the Mountain roads…
All is well… Thanks again…