First dip in drifting, coming from fm2-4

So I just got an xbox one X and forza 7 as a prize from Taco Bell. Dope. I played a few hours of the game and struggled a little bit, figured like when I was dabbling in fm5 I just needed some time to get used to it. Up until literally yesterday I spent hours every day in forza 2-4 running races, buying and building every car I could get my hands on, and most of all, drifting all the things. So coming to forza 7 I’m sure you can imagine I was excited to check out the drifting. After running every race out of the gate with all the assists turned off I started noticing something. From the time you press the stick to the side, it’s a full second if not better from the wheel to go from neutral to it’s full ‘lock’ position. For most racing, not a huge deal. However, after spending some time trying to suss out drifting in this game I’ve been faced with a dilemma. The driver steers the wheel so painfully slowly, that by the time the game catches up to me trying to recover from a slide, it sluggishly steers into the turn, and then the driver holds the wheel WAAAAY longer than necessary, and the car flings its self into a 180. Am I missing something? Should I be using normal steering instead of sim for drifting? Are there settings I’m missing? I hope I’m not the only one who’s struggling with this here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance ~Cheers

YES. Sim steering is almost impossible to drift with a controller.

I play on normal steering. Also go to your controller configuration, go to advanced settings, and adjust the steering deadzones down to your liking. I think it’s like 24 regular, I keep it somewhere between 0-5.