Finishing position glitch still not fixed

I raced online and was clearly in second place but it gave me first. This was a common issue in FH4 (usually I was the guy in 1st who it gave 2nd)

Another glitch is inconsistent weather. Twice now myself and my convoy have had different weather during the same races (sand storm for one and not the other)

I am playing on a Series X. My convoy is on Xbox One X and and OG Xbox One (yea I know I can’t believe it still works either)

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For the weather there might be a limitation related to device performance.

For the first position, I just imagine they don’t have the people able to work out this kind of issue. Looks same level as issue on “fast travel”.
I doubt they will fix as it is not affecting game sales and usually prefer to add new features.

This has happened to me two more times and happened to a convoy mate once. In one of the instances the guy behind me was given the spot two in front of my. He went from 8th to 6th when he actually was 8th.

This is occurring online

Not fixed in three years of FH4, was it even acknowledged? I doubt they will fix it for FH5.

It’s just part of how the game works. You either accept it or don’t play the game online. T10 yanked design/vinyl import from FH4 (zero notice), cut multiplayer for FH3 and seemingly FM6/FH2 (again, zero notice), and (go figure) FH5 appears to be a smoldering, buggy trash heap at launch.

Not only do I not race online in FH4 because of this same bug… I won’t be buying FH5 until I see all of this fixed. A whole bunch of spineless fools here have blindly pre-ordered the game and let T10 know that this is all just a-okay. Meanwhile, whilst they’re enjoying working out the bugs that shouldn’t even be present at all in the day one release, I’m still painting on FH3. Not a whole lot of bugs on that title. I wonder why…

I am playing this week but only on game pass which I paid £1 for… and I wanted to play Tetris Effect anyway. I honestly enjoyed playing that a lot more than I’ve enjoyed FH5 so far. (Tetris Effect is fun to play for its own sake whereas FH5 is a series of chores to do, so you can get to the point where the game may let you do what you actually want to do.)

It gets fixed in FH6 after all online racing is removed ;D

It may also be by geographical area or network because for me and my longtime racing friend it is back to door to door racing which is awesome!

FH4 was the only game in the series where we couldn’t race door to door. I always had to finish at 2 car lengths ahead of him to get the win.

I am in the United States and this is way worse than it ever was in FH4. It never happened to me in FH3 or FH2 so I know that this isn’t a “can’t be fixed” issue.