Fine tune ARB?

is there a way to tune them exactly the way i want? for example im trying to get the front ARB to exactly 10 but i can only have 10.03 or 9.93.just the way it is or can i fine tune it?

Not that I know of. If you want 10 and your options are 10.03 or 9.93 just pick one. Then test drive it and you may find you want more or less anyway.

I think if you want a flat number you can go all the way to one side and go back to where you want to be.

What? Really! I can finally get rid of those damn decimals in my tunes?

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Go all the way to 40 and when you go back the scale reduces by 0,10.

Wow you learn something every day.

i had been wondering about this since i tuned my first car haha, good to know!

Slider to the start then go up in 10’s :slight_smile:

A little trick I learned in forza 4 was changing the unit of measurement to metric I think don’t have it in front of me and go to the setting you want to fine tune and just give it a click or 2 and then go back and change the unit of measurement back and it will have moved to your desired number I used it a lot to get my tire pressures perfect but don’t see y it can’t work for that