Fine Colour Tune for 2015 Mustang Deep Impact Blue

I would like to replicate the colour Deep Impact Blue that is a manufacturer colour for the 2015 Ford Mustang. I would like to recreate it on other cars and manufacturers using the fine tune colour option in the paint booth. Every forza colour chart i have looked at doesnt have it. Please advise or help.

Ford Mustang 2015 Deep Impact Blue

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Just open the pic in Microsoft paint and get the codes. (0-360 scale)

Then convert it to the forza fine tune numbers by dividing the Microsoft paint number by 360. That should give you the numbers you need to duplicate it in the forza fine tune section.

I’m on my phone or I’d do it for you.

I never even thought about doing that… This could be a fairly useful technique, so long as it works properly. Thanks for the tip!

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You my friend are a genius! Thankyou so much

Excellent suggestion Mikes. I see one problem with your suggestion - the paint might not be accurately captured in the photo, and so when you open it up in MSP you may get the code for a different colour than you originally intended. Or am I wrong? I’ve never tried this method before.


If you get a bad photo yeah it’ll be off slightly. Just go to the manufacturs website ( or whoever and use a promo photo from their website. Should be pretty dead on.

I was thinking about this too, but I just see it as a way to get a generally close paint code. Once you’ve got MSPaint’s paint code you just go in and adjust the final color to your liking on Forza. It’s more or less just meant to get you close; you’ll still have to manually adjust it in game to get it spot on.

I’d start with 66 57 22 and tweak it from there. Let me know if that gets it close for you. Looks like this.

Here’s a helpful thread for painting in general. Also has a few helpful vids.

Scroll down to the “getting accurate colors” part and he explains it a little better than I did.

Also I think I misspoke before. Photoshop has the 0-360. I believe Microsoft paint is 0-240. So divide accordingly depending on what program you’re using.

Thanks everyone.