Finding tuning setups is riddled with bugs

Finding tuning setups is riddled with bugs:

  • Popularity of a car changes each time you search, i.e. same car can be rated 5 star, 1 star and 3 star. Huh?
  • Scrolling through cars left to right is fast because it appears to prefetch the next set of cars. But prefetching doesn’t appear to be used when scrolling right to left. Instead it loads each car one by one which is really slow… Why?
  • If I apply an existing tune under my tuning setups such as an a-class tune then sometimes it applys it as s1-class even though it’s an a-class tune. To fix this I have to reapply the tune to bring it back down to a-class. What?
  • If I filter cars by a class such as s1 then sometimes the results include cars in other classes such as s2? Really???

Quality assurance???