Finally! Thanks Devs!

With todays hot fix …
it made it so I do not have to hit the window key to go to the desktop and go to the internet to get that game to go past the main menu.

1 step at a time and we are getting there :slight_smile:

so, again thanks devs!

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I am going to go ahead and marked this as solved.



For once, I am in agreement Turtle!! This Update rates at 10/10 as they have fixed the issue they planned to fix whilst, more importantly, not breaking something else in the process! At least nothing I have noticed anyway lol

Oh, it’s nothing special because they fixed one thing from 10 very important ones (infinite loading, crashing, launch crashing, etc.). But if you are lucky, you can play for few hours straight and have amazing fun.

Oh no…the update is very special because it didn’t break anything…that is an achievement in itself!! Although it has not been 10/10 for everyone as someone I know is still getting lots of crashes on their Series X

I had more crashes last night in 2 hours than I’ve had since early release.


Huh you got 2 hours? I crashed on game launch, then endless spinning on Rivals, adding parts to my car, grabbing a share code for my tune, and then still cannot leave some “houses” because controls go non-responsive.

After 40 min of time wasted, I went on to do something productive. Crime

Hence the second sentence in my post. In terms of crashing I have been lucky so far…occasionally get the odd crash to dashboard for no reason, had to restart a fair few times since the Update due to the leaving Festival, trying to auction a car etc…played a few hours after the Hotfix and had no issues at all that weren’t there before. As said, I consider myself lucky as I know someone who is having a torrid time of it…from my point of view, the Hotfix was perfect as it fixed what it was supposed to fix and caused me no additional issues,

It’s odd that there is such a variety in issue incidences…same console etc yet some have constant issues, others have non. No idea if it’s related to Internet connection or not…although mine is not the fastest, it is quick and, racing with a group of people in FH4, I was always the first to finish loading back into the convoy after a race…maybe because I live really close to my local exchange (like 100m). Given the inherent weakness in the network side of the game, it would make sense that the cause would be related to that

Anecdotal of course but I don’t think it’s related to individual users connections speeds because I have a 500 mb connection and speedtests often exceed that even on my laptop over wifi and my Series X is wired.

Street races are broken as some times your headlights just don’t turn on which makes it very difficult to see.


Is this some kinda troll post? Today’s hotfix was only for consoles. Nothing for PCs yet after last week’s patch.
3.414.967.0 is the latest version available on PC.

Mods need to ban all misinformation.

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When they fix one thing, and break another thing without knowing it, the reverse can happen that they fix one thing, and also fix another thing without knowing it.

Despite completely shutting down and unplugging the power on my Series X and leaving it that way for several minutes before restarting I also experienced the following:

  1. Game would not launch. Tried several times.
  2. Rebooted console, game launched and then crashed during startup (the seizure warning page). This happened twice.
  3. When it finally did allow me to play the game, I still got the non-responsive control issue as well as very sluggish play.

At that point I started up Horizon 4, just for the heck of it and that game played flawlessly.

So I decided it would be a better use of my time to do some of the weekly and monthly Game pass activities.

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Yes, I have it the same on XSX. But when it finally runs, you can free roam for hours. :smiley:

It’s the reason it’s hard to find, they messed the system a bit so it’s very random. If tester says it works, sometimes it’s not true.

The devs continue to listen to feedback, work on fixes and roll them out as soon as they can. All they ask is that you continue to use the support site if you have any problems as the more good info they have the easier it is to trace problems. In the meantime they thank you for your patience and feedback.