Finally broke down and purchased 7.

Played every version since the original. Nope, don’t know anyone who plays this game, so I have to come here. Sick of COD and Destiny. PUBG good, but frustrating. Noticed Forza in really into micro transactions which is killing Activison and EA games for gamers. Really, once I’m in the game I don’t notice any difference between this and Forza 6. The only difference is all the BS before the game. Enough whining.

Anyhoo, Just my first day and can deal with the stuff I don’t like. Homologation? At first I thought it’s was a feature to keep a 64 Beetle out of S races on multiplayer hoppers. Really, who wants to see a clown ice cream truck kicking your *** in a class A race? It appears to be a limit for career, but not multiplayer?

Spec racing? I guess Turn10 is limiting this to only a few races in this version too? I know the community hates SPEC, but its great for new players to learn and figure out if they are good.

Have an elite controller. Can’t figure out anything to do with it except using the long stick for steering. Any other useful thing?


Trust me, you will feel the lack of qualifying sessions so bad in career and in multiplayer too. For your controller there is an app in windows store that let s you customize it better.

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what is missing, is the choice for grid position.
i race with 60min menght,so idon’t care about qualifying, race is the most important.

Where are these microtransactions you are talking about
I’m yet to see any and I’ve had the game since release


Just an FYI, I’m not going to debate in this forum. It was a mistake for me to complaint about it.

The additional purchases you make after you purchased the game, for example, cars and tracks. Not really too bad, the problem is when you have to buy CR’s for real money to purchase an item that is only available in a random crate. It becomes a form of gambling and targets players susceptible to gambling addictions.

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Well, Forza 7 doesn’t have that. The only thing You can only get in Crates in Forza 7 are mods. In my experience with race setting on Long in career mode even the 30,000CR mod crate more then pays for itself after just one race.

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Except they will be bringing in the option to pay for crates with money, just like the previous games

Yet it’s still totally unnecessary to buy the loot crates
Especially with real money
And you can always use ingame credits

Its giving people options
Those too lazy to play the game or those that have limited time seem to want to use real money to save time
To me it’s just a waste of money but some seem to have money to burn

Normally I have an average of 800.000 to 1 million credits, getting all the rewards for racing online, vip, leveling up, prizes cr and spending on some cars and setups. And with this, I really don’t need loot boxes.
2 days ago I went back to career mode for a few events…Now I keep spending and I still have 4 million credits left!!
It really pays off.

Loot what?

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You cant buy credits in FM7


yep and the only thing in loot boxes that cant be obtained elsewhere in the game are the badges ,driver gear and mods, and you choose them at level ups if you really wanted to
which aren’t even necessary to play the game, they are completely optional

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lock your Break trigger as this prevents you going over 70% and prevents break lock up you can the forget all about ABS as this generaly gives you max breaking with out lock up you may have to adjust the dead zone down a few points in deceleration from 100 to mabey 90 or so for max effective breaking

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Dont do this. Every tune and car has different braking. Learn to brake properly. A car with 200 brake pressure is going to require very different inputs to a car with 100%. Also you should be getting close to 100% and trailing off quickly as the car slows and the weight shifts. The controller vibrates when you are on the limit anyways.


Thanks, JT I started to do that before I quit Forza 6.

When I read the thread title I dunno, I pictured a fella at the checkout of Walmart in floods of tears and snot.


Forget Walmart I get this when browsing(searching) for my cars in the garage


Just a few other tips for the OP.

You can go to the in-game options and tweak the controller settings. I personally find the following settings give me a little better control:

Steering Inside Deadzone = 1 or 2
Steering Outside Deadzone = 100

Acceleration & Deceleration Inside Deadzone = 0
Acceleration & Deceleration Outside Deadzone = 100

Vibration Scale = 50

I use a controller with the steering assist set to Simulation. I find using the above settings gives me a more linear pedal for the brakes and accelerator which in turn helps me be more precise with my inputs.

If you play the game then you quickly amass more than enough in-game currency to buy the loot crates. The way I view them is like a Forza lucky dip of sorts. Instead of buying a new car to toy around with I’ll buy a loot crate and then the car is totally random. In this respect I’ve really enjoyed them. In a way it’s almost like buying additional spins in Horizon 3.

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