does anyone know how long the finale is in miles?
i’m halfway through and paused to take a break and was just wondering
i wish they had put a lot more of these long races in the game as regular street races
by the way… where it says “driving since 2013” no…i’ve played forza since the first edition and i just can’t get enough of it

When paused, take a look at the map to see how much further you have to go.

As for your “Driving since …”, the original Forza Motorsport is excluded from this statistic. The earliest it can read is ‘2007’ … if you had not played Forza Motorsport 2, 3 or 4 between 2007 and 2012, your earliest record of playing a Forza title on the KOWboEE64 gamertag is 2013.

Driving since: is your registration on this site → KOWboEE64 Joined: Sunday, February 02, 2014

No. It is definitely tied to the Forza Rewards system and the first time you were registered as having played a Forza title - minus, as I explained above, the original Forza Motorsport. If what you are saying were true, why would his “driving since …” be listed as 2013 when, as you state, he joined in 2014? In turn, 2007 is the earliest anyone’s “driving since …” can read; although for some of us it is not true.

Believe me. It’s tied to Forza Rewards - again, excluding any original Forza Motorsport gameplay prior to 2007.

Well, I got FM2 in 2007, but didn’t join the forum till 2009. My “driving since” reads 2009. Make of that what you will.

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Still isn’t making any sense. The original poster joined in 2014 and “driving since …” reads 2013. Did you have different gamertags associated with your previous Forza gameplay?

And your profile shows you joined in 2013. So …?

You seemed confused in terms of when Forza Motorsport 3 launched because your first recorded achievement was in 2010 (which your “driving since …” correlates with) although you state you’ve been playing since launch in 2009. So, either you haven’t been playing since the actual launch or, like explained above, you played Forza with another gamertag before using the one you have now.

Either way, I stand by my understanding of the system in that it correlates with Forza Rewards, in which case the “driving since …” dates match the point in which your registered gamertag first played a Forza title, excluding the original Forza Motorsport.

That is most strange. I joined in '09, like I said. Was quite active here when FM4 was at its Zenith. Maybe it’s not entirely accurate?

If they put races around 15 minute long races in the game for a regular career it’d be time consuming, would not be the taste for everyone, if we were able to make custom ones it would be awesome but unfortunately we don’t.

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^Yup, it’s when you join. Played since the launch of 3, joined in 2010.

I played FM2 in 2007 using a friend’s Xbox 360 and gamertag (and I played it a LOT) and finally got my own in 2008.

I joined this forum last month after the disappointment of FH2 360, but have lurked here for a long time.

It definitely works in conjunction with the gamertag you’ve been using to play Forza and if it has been the same throughout and you also register on the forums with the same gamertag, it will display correctly.

A perfect example. He just joined the forums last month but “driving since …” reads 2008 (when he reports having purchased Forza Motorsport 2). I rest my case. Thank you.

Now that I think of it, I DID change my tag. I never took FM2 online, but when I finally got XBL gold in the FM3 era I had to add “Big Mek” to go online (B Wald was taken, believe it or not).

That would’ve been in '09.

I just figured out the “joined in 2013” thing, too: My gamertag wasn’t linked to my forum account until I got XB1: Nov, 2013. I was posting under a name assigned to me by the forum before that, completely forgot.

I joined the Forza Forums last year and mine reads “driving since 2011.” I got my xbox 360 and started playing FM3 in 2011.