Final Bout Forza

I tried to do something like this back in Forza 2-3 but never got enough interest in it.
It’s a drift comp, but instead of the regular 1v1 style that most are used to, the judging is team based.

So you and your friends would be judged as a team.
You and four others would run a course and be judged as a team. Kind of like synchronized swimming.
All the regular criteria of line/speed/ect would matter, but it’s about how good you are in a group that really matters.

Courses and rules aren’t set yet, but these wont be changing.

RWD only.
No slicks (may be street only for realism)
Production cars only.
Probably an A700 pi cap.

The cars should all have the same look. But please don’t all run the same car (IE: 5 vettes). A little variation is nice.

We will have sessions in all weather.

If you are interested please message me on live.

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Also, why isn’t there a sub forum set up yet?

…probably because the game isn’t actually released? Sure, you’ve got the Ultimate Edition owners that have the game, and have been playing since yesterday, but the rest of the world will get it on the 15th, and 18th. :wink:

Im down, i have a group of 3.

I’m down as well.

I’m down, but you should really bump it up to S class. That seems to be the best class in this game. For example, only 500 hp and sport tires puts the GT86 in S class.