Figured out what is causing the unbelivably fast drivatars in career mode

I just figured out a way to make career mode work right. You have to unfriend your friends so their drivatars are not in your races. I have been noticing that your friend drivatars are the cars that cause most of the wrecks and ram you and are usually the ones that you cant catch and they win the race. I only have two friends so I decided to unfriend them to see if it would help and boy did it ever.
I just unfriended one at first because he does not even have forza 6 and that helped some. It went from 3 cars being way faster than every body else to just 1 car breaking away but my other friends drivatar was still causing problems so I unfriended him too. Now it works exactly like it should no breakaways, not near as many wrecks, and the difficulty setting works correct now.

Once in a while a car will jump out front a little bit but usually other cars will chase him down and you can catch him way easier and actually leave them in the dust. I did a race on new racer difficulty with an untuned car and the closest AI best lap time to mine was 40 seconds slower. I used the same car and raised the difficulty to highly skilled and just barely won.

If you try this though and your already in the middle of a series in career mode you might not see full results until you finish the series your in and start a new one because it save the drivatars you start the series with even if you restart the game so your friends drivatars will still be there until you start a new series. It’s better than any forza game ever now.

Update: You might not have to unfriend your friends that have never played a forza game. I don’t know if they show up in forza 6 or not since I only have 2 friends and they both have played forza.

Now that’s a very interesting post! I asked my friend what his car set up was because he was always just ahead of me in his GT2, and he said, I don’t even own that car!
Seems like there are issues with something! I guess that narrows it down to about … Nothing! I told my friends I was deleting them to do the experiment, and it worked. Then I raised the difficulty level to where it was competitive but can win if I do everything great. Kind of miss seeing my friends in the game, but actually enjoy the game more now. Was starting to hate it there for awhile. This won’t work for everyone in all modes and settings, but it does have some application in limited form for limited people in limited universes, and may be limitless.
The thing I hate the most is Showcases where you can’t tune the car! Going from driving tuned cars to un-tunable cars is somewhat shocking.

Drivatars in this game don’t use the same cars as the person whose name appears above it.

The way the drivatar system is actually different and yo ucan see part of how it works by accessing your profile using the ‘Y’ button from the main menu screen. At each location you have raced on the game records information regarding your driving habits. This information includes things like maximum spring load, minimum spring load, average spring load, average acceleration force, maximum acceleration force, average braking force, maximum braking force, and much, much more. This information is then taken an processed into your drivatar and used to model the behaviour of the drivatar that bears your name.

It does not matter what car the drivatar uses because this information can be applied to any car in the game. If you race better on a track, your drivatar does better on that track. Depending on the car your drivatar uses in that race also determines how they do because some cars will handle better with your drivatar profile than others.

Friending or unfriending people on your list won’t help with this issue as OP suggest it does. Correlation does not equal causation. I’m sure you’ve heard that before and in this case it’s what’s happening in the OP. Just because he sees his friends’ drivatar beating him in such away he determines that the issue stems from having a friends list when in reality the two have nothing to do with each other.

The runaway drivatar issues is currently happening for 3 very clear and very distinct, easy to identify issues. While solving these issues may be tricky we can at least say we know what they are - for now.
(1) Drivatars using UGC tunes that exploit the differential and AWD swap glitch (which has been patched as per October DLC Content Update Notes)
(2) Drivatars from Pro and Unbeatable difficulty being populated into races when a player has a lower difficulty selected
(3) Drivatar starting from the front row (position 1 or 2) and not being caught up in the first corner carnage nor having to fight through traffic

This post here explains things quite well.

To everyone in this thread posting that this works, remember, correlation does not equal causation. This has nothing to do with people on your friends list even if at times it is your friends who happen to be the runaway drivatar.

Unfortunately this is not actually the case regarding friends [Mod edit - WSD - Offensive language].

I have experienced the unbeatable AI (at all difficulties, no less) and in every single instance it was not a friend [Mod edit - WSD - Offensive language] (I only have a half dozen friends so it’s easy to keep track of the names of unbeatable AI and recognize it as not a friend).

Of that half dozen friends, only two show up in races as well making it even easier to track.

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I’m telling you it works. If you don’t try what I said how do you know. It is not always a friend drivatar that is the fastest but it is a bug in the game and if you have friend drivatars that is what is messing it up. If you unfriend your friends that makes the difficulty setting work and you don’t get unbeatable AI. Not trying to be rude but it sounds like you misunderstood my post.

You’re right that there’s no way to know without trying it, but you’re wrong thinking just because it worked for you it will absolutely without question work for everybody else also.

I have only one friend who plays Forza (my son), and neither he nor his drivatar is a better driver than me. I play on Expert difficulty, and so far the only “unbeatable” AI’s I’ve faced all just so happen to start at the front of the grid. (Surely that has nothing to do with it, right?)

Rhetorical questions: Are your friends better drivers? Have your friends ‘trained’ their drivatars better by always driving at their best outside of test driving? Where in the starting grid do your unbeatable drivatars start? Do these drivatars still win even when you quickly make it through traffic and race a ‘perfect’ race? Is it the same drivatars every time? How often do you win against those drivatars?

I have a large number of friends, including my 6-year old son, a lot of whom are playing FM6. There is quite the difference between me and my son in terms of skill level, yet, my son’s drivatar has previously beaten me by a mile. Same applies to some of my other friends. Yes, it seems to have to do with where they start, what car they drive, and whatever else, but, you still get drivatars that drive faster than they should for a given skill level. I’ve played the game on several different difficulty levels depending on car and track. I’ve done a few races in Expert and won all without issues, then I’ve done a few races in Above Average, win by a mile, and then lose by a mile. Yes, I’ve lost by a mile in Above Average, where that one lead car and myself had lapped a significant portion of the field. Something most definitely is wrong here. The only thing I really noticed is that whenever I wanted to check a person’s actual time in an event where their drivatar flew away, there was none. Not sure whether that’s coincidence, or whether it has something to do with it, though.

As for deleting friends, maybe that works if you only have a few, but if you have a lot, and some you actually play with, than that’s a rather silly idea.

Same here. The superfast drivatar at the front is never a friend.

I have asked people in another thread about this issue to post back if they try it and see that it really does work but so far nobody has. I guess most people have too many friends and don’t want to unfriend them all is the reason why. But if they do start posting back you will see I’m telling the truth.

Unfriending friends is unfortunately not something i am planning to do.

It is easier to just play this game in OFFLINE mode, problem solved trust me.

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Thank you for the information. I not yet gotten the ONE or FM6 but am planning on it very soon. I was cringing at the thought of some of my friends “Drivatars” causing me headaches. But doing career in the offline mode sounds like the way to go. I love the career mode best anyway. I talk & laugh too much while having fun in multiplayer so my racing isn’t nearly as consistent.

Here’s the problem I’ve been having:

Invasion of the T1

I’ve seen anywhere from 1 to 4 of these Caparo T1s pop in to my career races the past couple days. Note that the max PI for the race series is R 880!

I imagine something similar was happening on other single player races I was running.

This right here is what I’m seeing, and what I came to report if no one else has. And I see it in this same division, 880 PI modern hypercars, with the same P class caparo mixed in. Isn’t this a DLC car? Looks like a bug, Turn 10 … no?

This doesn’t sound like what everyone else here is talking about, so maybe it should be reported separately. As for the other talk of drivatars getting away strangely, I have been playing a lot and haven’t seen anything strange. I’ve played on expert, pro, and unbeatable and the lead car only really gets away from me on unbeatable, but it’s clear from my replays thats due to traffic and short race length. On levels lower than unbeatable, all races I’ve had were win-able. That’s completely not to say there’s not a problem, just that it’s not affecting everybody … for what that’s worth in trying to diagnose the problem.

Interesting post, but I’ll rather keep my friends around.

This does not work. Aside from the fact, normally the stupidly fast drivatars are not people on my friends list, why should we be reduced to removing people from our friends list just because the game is broken?

T10 claimed the latest update would help the problem, yet the first race I did the super-drivatars were even further ahead from normal.

T10 need to actually fix this.

This does work. This is only for the stories of motorsport in career mode as your friends drivatars are always in those races. They are not in showcase races or free play races unless maybe if you have a lot of friends then you might see some in those races. I did not post this as a fix. I posted this hopping T10 would see it and realize what the issue is and fix it. But if you only have 2 friends like me it is easy to unfriend them while you play stories of motorsport in career and enjoy it because it makes it work right and when your done you just add your friends back. Not really an option for people with a lot of friends I know. But maybe it will get fixed now.

The problem is in the stories of motorsport when you have friends their drivatars are always in the race and the difficulty level has no effect on them. It only effects drivatars that are random and not on your friends list. So if you set the difficulty level to new racer all the random drivatars get really slow and your friends drivatars always run around the same speed as you sometimes 2 sec. fasters a lap than you unless they wreck and get damged. Which I have noticed when they do then sometimes since they are no longer fast then one of the random drivatars becomes fast to replace them. Which is why it is not always your friends drivatars winning the race. Because they are so much faster on lower difficulty levels than the random drivatars it makes the game almost unplayable on lower difficulty because they ram you and all the random drivatars while trying to get to the front (your friends always start right beside you 13th,14th,15th). That’s why you either get rammed going into the first turn on a lot of tracks (especially long beach) or they cause a big wreck with the random drivatars.

This is not as big a problem on pro or unbeatable difficulty because then the random drivatars are all just as fast if not a little faster than your friends drivatars. But for people new to the game this is not an option because there is no way they are going to win a race on pro or unbeatable difficulty. I hope this gets fixed soon because it is so much better without your friends drivatars in there messing it up.

This is also why people say it works if you go offline but then you don’t get the online benefits.

Ok, if it’s friends drivatars who are the unbeatable ones, explain how in my last race the two super-drivatars were randomers not on my friends list. I’m sorry, whilst it’s nice people are trying to get round the issue, your plan is flawed. And it skirts round the fact the game is broken. T10 should not have released the game in this state, and for it to not be fixed almost a month after release is a joke.

lol Nice idea in theory but, I’m not about to start deleting my 80+ friends because T10 can’t figure out the problem with their Drivatars. I think they should of just stuck to basic AI.

Than booting your friends, you might as well just play offline, by turning your xb1 offline till they get round to fixing it. Keep booting your friends off you end up with no one in the end, not going to boot mine, I got friend been on my friends list for years since the old xbox. AI is just as bad in F5, makes me laugh if they go over the grass they don’t slow down, but as soon as I touch it, I come to a stop.


You still have the AI problem when you have no friends, I’ve seen AI I don’t know act the same way as your friends AI.

If you haven’t tried it and seen the results then you cant say it does not work.
It does work. When you have friends even if you set it to new racer there is always 1 to 3 cars extremely fast that by the time you get through all of the slow ones they are hard to catch sometimes.
But without friends when you set it to new racer you can pretty much lap all of them in a 5 lap race every time no problem.

I’m not telling you to boot your friends I’m just saying it fixes the problem.