FI: No Team Adventure!

Does anyone know roughly how long it takes to unlock multiplayer on Fortune Island, what you need to achieve ito do it or whether it is unlocked from the off?

Looking to convoy with a few mates tonight and wondering whether any of us will get the time to unlock it before hand.

Many thanks in advance

as far as team adventure goes… there isnt any! Convoys should be available after the intro

I mean come on!.. REALLY?!!

Wow, really? Fail.
And horrible track design - it’s wall-riding Island. All the tracks I drove were super easy as well.

There’s no adventure in FI which is quite dissapointing true that, but, the road racing are a heaven for wallriders.

Probably because everyone hates team adventure, but there’s no multiplayer mode on FI at all? That is surprising. Hopefully something they plan to address when the fix multiplayer.

So we aren’t getting custom championships back and multiplayer is just gone for some reason. Therefore we have like 2-3 days to finish all the content and never come back to the dlc again. Thank you, playground, this time you have truly surpassed yourself. Just remember Blizzard Mountain which had dozens of hours of singleplayer gameplay (I spent weeks playing it and still never finished all the championships) and multiplayer as well.

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Brilliant news, thanks for the confirmation!

The most likely reason is that it would split the player population between those on the mainland and those on Fortune Island, thus increasing wait times to join races, and making adequate matchmaking more difficult.

It would have been nice to have Private Team Adventure as an option so that I can race with my friends in a structured environment, but I can understand why Public Team Adventures aren’t present.

I may be mistaken, but I don’t recall that being a problem in H3 when Blizzard Mtn was released…?

I noticed that too at first, but I kept playing and you keep unlocking events just like in the main game, and it has its own seasonal events with championship matchmaking, so at least there is that. I didn’t have to wait long to get into online matches, but I was a little disappointed at first that there was no team adventure. Having tons of fun with it otherwise

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Hold on…no multiplayer on FI? Thats wrong isnt it??

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No multiplayer in Fortune Island. This is the first Horizon DLC to NOT include multiplayer. There is a PVP option. Have fun waiting for no one to join your PVP game ever.

This is the most epic fail DLC of any horizon game ever.

Go back and play Horizon1. That game had perfect multiplayer. They had custom public lobbies where the host could create any race with any class car and anyone in the world could join at any time. You can still go on that game today and get a lobby going. Even FH2 and FH3 DLC had decent multiplayer. The FI DLC is absurd.

Some of us still actually like to race other players in racing games. PG has forgotten us.


But it has coop? Can anyone confirm?

Forza Horizon 3 didn’t have Ranked Play. A large number of concurrent players is required for Ranked Play matchmaking to be effective.


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Yes, but I was referring to the regular team adventure. Unranked. Like before, in H3.
But Ranked or not, splitting player population wasnt an issue w blizzard mtn as they were separated from the get-go.

I dont understand why theres seperate ranked and unranked pools as it is. If ranked adventures have such a hard time forming, just do away w unranked and make it ALL ranked, regardless.

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Worst for me is the free ride team adventures… speeding to finish line through lakes and forests isn’t fun to me

First – Fortune Island is awesome. Great tracks, great scenery. Honestly, I like it almost more than the base mainland. But… Where is the online multiplayer (i.e Team Adventure)? The video yesterday from Playground Games just said “oh yeah, we don’t have that. you can’t do it”. That’s horrendous. Team Adventure has so many flaws and problems, but I can’t wait for some of those items to be addressed in the January update. But, even so, it’s really the only reason I play the Forza Horizon games, and that the bulk of the people i know play for. Why wouldn’t you bring that functionality to Fortune Island? That is the one thing I was most looking forward to and now to be told it’s not happening doesn’t make alot of sense. You included it in FH3 for Blizzard Mountain and Hot Wheels. Why leave it off of Fortune Island? You’ve taken an expansion that would have been an A or A+ rating and have made it a solid “D” instead. Major, major failure.

Please consider adding Team Adventure functionality to Fortune Island. Without it, it’s a couple days of game time and then a swift drop into becoming useless / obsolete.

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The lack of online multiplayer in Fortune Island has absolutely ruined it for me. That’s the one and only thing i was looking forward to with it. It’s utterly useless without it. 2 days of entertainment to accumulate gold and then never touch it again basically. Shame too because it is awesome otherwise. Who wouldn’t want to do Team Adventure or January’s Free For All Adventure on those cliff roads and such. What on Earth are you thinking, Playground Games? Swing and a miss for sure.

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