FI: Expansion with "Most Extreme Terrain Ever" = 6 Cross Country Routes 😡🤬🔥⚡💀

Setting aside my total disappointment w H4 due to lack of proper open rivals, and forgetting about that I hate all of the new cars accompanying FI, and overlooking (trying to anyway) the massive FAIL aka no FI team adventure/multiplayer, I was all set to start tearing it up w cross country and try to get some of my Blizzard Mtn groove back on this beautiful, gorgeous, crazy nut-so terrain… but can’t because there’s hardly any xc events.

Road Racing Routes = 13
Dirt Racing Routes = 16
Cross Country = 6

Just SIX?! Huh??? This expansion should be an all-terrain boondoggle. All the S2-asphalpt-supercar-gt-boys should be crying “wanh wanh wannnnnnh, too much xc, we cant cope, sniff” on this supposedly most outrageous terrain yet to be seen in forza with areas that look like an Escher nightmare, …but no… queue up another 13 asphalt routes for the uber-terrain expansion, more than DOUBLE the xc route total.

Playground is just killing this franchise me; after FM7 ultimate preorder disappointment (really should have been a FM6 expansion, I already owned 80% of the game) and H4 ultimate preorder disappointment (murdered Rivals and left us w its corpse), i will never, EVER preorder any Forza title again.


Why not create own cross country races with the editor?


Its just not the same. Nothing i create will be as well polished and balanced. No rivals for extended play, either.

And then w that argument, why not the creator, well, then why not the creator for asphalt and dirt as well? Seems it should be the other way around, deliver an all-terrain environment appropriately fully loaded w cross country routes and let players create their own asphalt events. :man_shrugging:


Many things should be different in this game but here at least you have a way out. Not enough CC? Time to get creative and with a bit of practice, custom routes become more polished and more exciting than base routes. Yes, no rivals on custom routes but rivals mode was killed anyway.

It’s obvious this dlc is seen as rally and I personally find it appropriate. UK has more rally tradition than offroad.

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Because hardly anyone will ever join the race?

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3 road racing rival event is same track with different car or just same track with different car, and 2 dirt racing rival event is also like this. But i agree that there should be more cross county events.

I really dissapointed that kraken circuit rivals is S2 class, how abaout PG bringing class base rivals on every event and every class back.

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Wouldve loved to have seen them throw us a B or C open class. Id kill for just one D. Ive got all these lower cars just rotting in my garage. Everybody cant be a sexy S2.

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Thanks man, but sorry, not interested in hanging out w you at your house.

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Very Valid Point raised here.

I’ve been getting this feeling alot with this Sequel (this should’ve been their Most Polished Title EVER, seeing that it is based in their own “backyard”)
…I always feel like this is the last time i should think highly of Playground Games in Producing a Solid Sequel…, like i’ve given up on Square Enix that made (FFXV) a horrible, ugly looking game (sacrificed graphics, to accomodate for “better hair movement in the wind” - not to mention the terrible bomb magic they used, where i’ve become used to having characters cast awesome magic/spells/summons in previous Titles) …Yeah, they (Square Enix) have lost their way for me, so i’m not interested in their next Title, like i always was with previous ones… guess i shouldn’t even get my hopes up for CD Project Red, for delivering yet another Awesome Title, after The Witcher that was so Great for me.

I guess it’s increasingly difficult to cater (& balance) for both the modern day kids & the thoroughbred veterans of the Title. The Latter will most likely feel the punch most

Just to Add: i acually did all the Cross Country Races 1st (coz it suits the Theme of the DLC), along with the PR Stunts…, & only really did the Dirt ones to “Fill” the Requirements for Progression…, didn’t even need to do Road Races to “Conquer the Island” (only one needed was The Kraken) …so i guess based on the latter, Playground Games would feel like it was enough to keep u entertained.