FH5 vs FH3 Remastered

If FH3 was remastered and graphics were updated to be inline with FH5 would you prefer it over FH5?

I never played FH3 but I have heard alot of positive stuff about it. Which is why I definitely would prefer it over FH5 as I feel I’ve already completed FH5.

FH5 is like playing FH3 but with a lot more road to drive, the biomes are almost identical, there’s just more of them in FH5. FH3 is the easiest of the FH games to just pick up and play as the car handling is very forgiving, but it’s got a lot of wasted space on the map, lots of fields and such where you sort of which the dev’s had placed more asphalt roads to race on.

You can think of FH5 as being a remastered FH3 in terms of how the track feels and its various biomes, clearly different cultures but those dunes and deserts and jungles look and feel about the same.

The graphics are already inline with FH5, it’s just a different location.

I’m gonna be in the minority here, but no. I would not prefer FH3, as my driving style does not work with that game. The tuning model was more tuned for speed, over handling. I’m perfectly happy with the tuning model in FH5

It would need quite a bit more than a remaster as FH5 has a lot of improvements.

Does it? I seem to remember the online racing was better, even letting you choose which event to go to next. The graphics were the same, just a different location. I guess for people who played the Xbox One base version at 30fps, FH5 on newer hardware is a bit of an improvement.

Same graphics. :smiley:

It essentially is. FH3 might even look better. It’s the same engine, it’s just a different location.

I am not sure what is going on. Do you even have any of that game? :smiley:

I have it on PC, yes. I have FH3, 4 and 5 through the Microsoft Store. They all look much of a muchness, just different locations. The idea there is some significant improvement in graphics between any of them is a myth imo. Marketing. If you get told enough that something is significantly improved, you’ll believe it. My eyes tell me a different story.

I’m not critical of FH5 for that btw, because FH3+4 look good. And FH5 has to run on the same hardware they did, so it can’t be much better or it wouldn’t work.

Horizon is never completed. You didn’t even start yet.

No. 3 was very good but I prefer 4 and 5.

If the question was 2 though then yes!

I’ve been thinking about this a bit more now, especially as online features for older games seem to be either shut down or broken with no sign of repair. I was still trying to post Rivals times on some of those! The Motorsport series is one thing, as many of those tracks are already recreated in Forza 7. But Horizon games are different, as they are all unique environments with their own original courses. So it’s sad to see the servers shut down. But as much as I would like to see remastered maps from previous games, I’ve got to wonder if it’s even possible. If the code still exists in-house, could they just import the map into the new tools and do some touch-up? Or did they delete the source code years ago, and would have to completely rebuild the maps, making it frankly too much effort for their return on investment?

I’m usre they could remaster the maps fairly easily (well, compared to building one from scratch anyway) and I can’t imagine they got rid of the Blueprint for it. But then how would a remaster work? Have the FH3 map as an add-on for FH5? A full remaster of the game wouldn’t happen due to the licencing issues…the reason why the game went EOL 4 years after release.

I’d be happy with just a “Map pack” or something, whether it’s an add-on to Horizon 5, or it’s own stand-alone title. Horizon 1 and 2, and Storm Island maps would, in my hypothetical imagination, get priority, since Horizon 3 and 4 are still live, with active servers. I’d be less concerned about which cars are in it, or which music is played, or whatever. For an add-on expansion, licensing would be less of an issue, as Horizon 5 already has an existing roster of cars. But the maps are huge, and there are at least 2 expansions planned already, so they’d be up against game and console limitations there. That’s all stuff I don’t know, since I’m not a developer. I’m an ideas man! Details are for engineers! :smiley: But since it’s a pie-in-the-sky fantasy anyway, might as well take the possibility into consideration. A new title with remastered maps would obviously need to have at least some cars, and music would also be nice. So you’re right, in that case, they’d need to deal with licensing. That’s… basically a whole new game, really. “Forza Horizon 6: Horizon Remastered.”

The only thing I miss in FH3 is the performance mode. Would be great if they could add that.
Great game

It’s on PC. But I am still waiting for FPS boost too.

I just want custom championships back. FH5 (if/when it gets bug free) is a far superior game with a much better map. Like many games, FH3 had a lot of issues which are easy for people to forgive and forget now that the game is in the past, like the fact that a ton of content in that game was hidden behind microtransactions.

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Honestly I would prefer a remaster of FH1 on the new game engine with new cars over FH3. FH1 has a great (albeit small compared to the new games) map and far better game progression and multiplayer compared to anything that came after it. FH1 on the new game engine with all the handling and tuning improvements and an updated car roster would be amazing, keeping the old progression and multiplayer systems.

Like has been said, FH5 already has pretty much all the best parts of the FH3 map and then some and a much better handling model and better roads. FH3 does have better multiplayer though, but I would rather see those modes implemented on the FH5 map than to remaster all of FH3.

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Honestly? No. I played FH3, and I far prefer FH5. The graphics being updated would not change that opinion, because the graphics were never the issue.

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