FH5 Racing! Things I like, Things I don't like!

Things I like…

Winning with my own tune!
Starting at the front of the grid with a lead in the Championship!
Beating players with the same car that I am driving!
Winning all 3 races!
Seeing a car zoom off into the distance on mud, and then catch them back up on road (As the flag is often on the road)
Overtaking cars from a jump, and landing in front of them towards the finish line. (Sometimes you even hit their bonnet, and it gives you a forwards boost)

Things I don’t like…
Losing against the same car that I am driving!
Watching the lead player get the front of the grid when I am at the back of the grid.
Watching a Turbo cheat race off into the distance!
Watching a car go off road, and miss a checkpoint only for them to then overtake me from nowhere.

In racing I like clean fights no matter in what position that happen

I had a couple of great sessions tonight with some other players in the A-class lobbies.

Some of them were nose-to-tail for the whole race with us constantly swapping position. Others were a real game of cat-and-mouse with each of us finding pace in different sections of the track and making the most of our advantage.

Couldn’t care less about race results. Had an absolute blast. :+1:

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I actually dislike it if I’m leading from the start. Mid field squabbling is where the action is at for me. Don’t care if I win, passing people & being competitive, I’m happy. I get annoyed if I’m last of course.