FH5 pc version and G29 Logitech

Good morgning, afternoon, evening,

Is there any assistance available in getting the G29 to work with my FH5 on pc? I cannot get it to work. PC does ‘see’ the G29, but ingame I cannot select the Wheel option.

Is there anything I can do? Need to do?

Love your reactions.


Have you downloaded the Logitech GHub App? I believe it is required to use the wheel in game.


As above, you need the software for it. From the guides:

“For Logitech users, especially G920 and G29, you have to install the Logitech Software from the website; this is quite important if you don’t install it, the G920 is picked up as a different vendor product identifier (VIDPID), and its functionality in the game is compromised, both for FFB and for buttons/switches.”

Yours just seems an extreme example where the game isn’t picking it up at all

If you don’t already have it, here’s a link to download it:

Logitech G-Hub

If its not working after installing ghub remove ghub and install lgs first