FH5 PC Crashes Sonic Audio driver [FIXED] - Solution provided in Post

I have two systems with a RTX 3080 (10GB) and one system with a RTX 3090 (24GB)
So when I play the game on a high resolution 3840x1600 on both 3080s and 3840x2160 on the systems with a RTX 3090 with settings to EXTREME Preset the VRAM goes above 8GB and most of the time the benchmark runs.

It crashes during loading the Benchmark mode with the three extra options you can set to a higher setting that the Extreme preset like SSO and Reflection or MSAA 4x or 8x.
I can reproduce this on three different systems.

I7 8700k with 32GB DDR4 and RTX 3080 10GB (Windows 10) - Hardware GPU Scheduling OFF - 3840x1600@160Hz resolution
I9 10900k with 32GB DDR4 and RTX 3080 10GB (Windows 11) - Hardware GPU Scheduling ON - 3840x2160@144Hz resolution
I9 12900k with 64GB DDR5 and RTX 3090 24GB (Windows 11) - Hardware GPU Scheduling ON - 3840x1600@160Hz resolution

Link for downloading my DXDIAG from one of the systems

I found a solution that fixed my crashing issues;
I found this on Reddit and it works perfect for me, been playing for about an hour non-stop now without any issues.
I have on all systems an Asus motherboard with Sonic Audio, and that driver has a service called NahimicService. When you Stop that service all processes for that driver will be stopped. Your audio still works fine but the game does not crash anymore.

The Service must be stopped otherwise it will keep opening the processes back up.
Processes are named as below;
it opens 5 processes which the service itself is one of.

  • NahimicSvc32.exe (32 bit)
  • NahimicSvc32.exe (32 bit)
  • NahimicSvc64.exe
  • NahimicSvc64.exe
  • NahimicService.exe

Open up the dropdown from NahimicService.exe and rightclick on the Nahimic service and choose stop, you’ll see all process will go away. Start the game and your fine.
For some systems those services or processes are named Sonic Pro or Sonic Audio.