FH5 on PC won't recognize any XBox controllers

I’ve tried a wired 360 and a wireless XBone controller and the game won’t recognize either of them. I know they’re good because they work fine in other games. Drivers for both controllers are up to date.

When I launch the game I get a “Controller Disconnected. Please reconnect a controller” error message. Nothing I do makes it work.

Has anyone else seen this and been able to resolve the issue? To say I’m crushed is a massive understatement.

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I use a PDP Afterglow XBone Controller and it works just fine. You might want to see if there is a firmware update on your controllers as the frequent “disconnect” issue means it needs an update.

I’m using an Xbox One with Bluetooth controller just fine. Hope you get it solved.

I am having the same issue, my Xbox controller works fine on other games but not FH5.