FH5 - observation so far

Hello FH community,

I’ve enjoyed FH4 a lot, having played mainly the competitive rated scenario mode and tirelessly getting angry of the never fixed bug with the game not adding the points to the rank after completing the events. Anyways, I still loved the game and happily returned to play it regularly

I would like to raise several FH5 questions after playing 100h+. Maybe some of them are already discussed somewhere else so apologies for that upfront.

  1. Why there is no traffic in Street races?
  2. Is there going to be any competitive racing mode added? At the moment I’m only grinding the weekly content and not really sure where to head from there.
  3. What’s the best way how to find a group of people interested in PvP racing? I tend to do the weekly content in PvP mode but it usually connects me to 1-2 other players only.
  4. Why the game connects to the lobby of approx. only 5-10 players? The game then seems so ‘empty’ as the map is impressively huge (kudos)
  5. I’m missing Alfa Romeos, Lancias and other cars. Will these be added eventually in the future? As an Alfa owner in RL, I would love to drive it in FH5 as well.)

Thanks a lot.)

  1. I assume you mean rivals street races? If so, then it would be grossly unfair that some people have AI traffic spawning on the apex of the corner, drastically comprising somebody’s lines, and others have it spawning on straights, where they can easily dodge.
  2. The developers haven’t said anything about ranked online but I assume it’ll be added eventually as it greatly increases the longevity of the game. That is not confirmation.
  3. Really have no idea tbh, my first thoughts would be to join an in-game club which focuses on PvP racing and maybe that could lead you to some discord servers, etc. Maybe just a simple Google search could lead you somewhere.
  4. Another known bug that is happening with everybody, not much you can do until they release a patch/fix for it.
  5. Again, maybe they’ll be added with future festival playlist but you have to understand that car licensing is a pain in the backside for the developers and sometimes car manufacturers just say no, like Toyota for the first half of FH4 because they didn’t want their cars associated with street racing so they didn’t allow them in NFS games or Horizon games.