FH5 ignore my sound card settings (PC)

Hi, this is the problem, my pc have a motherboard with integrated sound card Sound Blaster X-Fi 5, with a program where i can change the equalizer settings and the bass crossover for the home theater, in Forza Horizon 5 and Forza Horizon 4 i have the same problems, they ignore my settings, it doesnt matter what options i enable or if set the equalizer to max o min, forza just doesn’t care and audio dont change, it’s a problem because i can’t have a proper bass used on the subwoofer, the only i can hear in the subwoofer is the LFE channel but it’s barely used, Forza Horizon 3 works wonderful, looks like the developers change the audio API and that’s maybe what is causing the problem. i just send the ticket, but im posting here so more people can see it, and i send a ticket for FH4 but they never fixed, hope this time they fixed, with love a fan.

Try one of these 2 options and see if it helps or not.
click Start - scroll down to “Windows System” - Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Sound

both settings are enabled, same problem :frowning:

and with both settings disabled?

i have the exactly the same issue. it was an issue on FH4 that never got fixed and i was hoping that FH5 would have audio on the subwoofer channel but its dead silence.
i currently dont have dedicated sound card after my asus stopped working so im currently using the onboard audio. and when it comes to settings i only have the Exclusive options and no signal options.
and im using Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2
mobo is Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme “im not sure what RealTek sound card it uses”
its kind of weird that this is not a issue on FM7 but are an issue on FH4 and 5
i also have the issue that FH5 ignores my sound settings. no mater what EQ i use it just ignores it. and same goes when i try to boost audio channel gain, it does nothing. its like it just dont use any of the settings i have given for my sound drivers

both settings disabled dont fix it, and like Hebu2047 i dont have the Signal Enhancements, i think the problem is the audio API forza is using, ¿the game use Direct Sound or WASAPI? maybe that’s the reason the game only send data to the device and ignore the rest of the settings, because it’s not only the home theater, the same problem happend with my headphones, i move the equalizer and the game sound the same.