[FH5] Events Lab - an absolute chore now

Why do we have to Test Drive our events EVERY TIME ? In FH4 you chose a car class, weather etc. and you were good to go.
Now it’s an absolute chore to do. Why do we have to do that, and why can’t we SKIP IT ?
I’m making events for myself, why do I have to test them all the time ?
Please revert to the FH4 system which was miles better.

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Given that most of the “events” in FH4 were nothing more than XP boosters it’s a wonder the thing is still around at all.

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Thing is, if I want to make an event FOR MYSELF ONLY using on of my routes, as I did in FH4, I can’t. I have to test drive it… AGAIN.
What a joke. Hope the devs will fix it - cause now it’s broken as hell.

the most annoying thing is not being able to go back to add props once u drew the road. Or reuse the field with props u just tested but was a failure because of checkpoint logic not allowing to pass 2 times on the same road … you have to REDO everything including props …

Or if you make a custom rac with a timer instead of a fixed numbers of laps you’re gonna end 8th… EVERY. TIME.

Scratch the beautiful surface and this game is such a mess lol