FH5 Elimnator is a great Steaming

In FH4, “The Eliminator” was only thing that kept me playing as for as long as I did, from pre-release and right up until about 2 weeks before FH5 was released.

But, wow! How could the devs take what I personally thought was FH4s redeeming feature in the latter stages after all other game content was completed and turn it into a steaming pile of dog muck?

The car drops are few and far between and sometimes the nearest drop is so far off in the distance that by the time you are half way, it’s gone.

Then the H2Hs can be miles and miles away, making navigating the vast landscape an absolute chore.

…and then there are the severely handicapped higher level cars, being 2WD in what is mostly off-road, cross county race to the finish.

The only good thing is that once I complete everything in FH5, I may well come and do the weekly stuff, but will not be playing it as much in between, so will get some of my spare time back to do other things LOL.


Given the state of the game im pretty sure we’re still “pre”-release…


Yes there are so many elementary things wrong with it that I play it in disbelief and wonder, if I can see this, why don’t the designers? I can conclude they don’t play it, or play it on such a shallow level that they don’t understand its shortcomings and balancing issues (like higher level cars being weaker than low level ones, which is extremely stupid).


I was reading an article on why ranked isn’t coming back and was surprised they were claiming how much better the design is for the Eliminator this time because the map was designed for it whereas it was added later in FH4. I find the map on FH5 is so much worse for the Eliminator even putting aside all the current technical problems most of it is so open and flat that it’s much more difficult to win head to heads in a slower car, I managed a good number of head to head wins in the Mini and low power cars in FH4 because a good route was crucial along many sections of the map but now if I get challenged by a faster car I usually lose as it comes down to straight line speed.


Yeah I also played a lot of it in FH4 and this new map isn’t as good for it, like you say, you will rarely win against a faster car here whereas you often had a fighting chance in FH4.

If they really think the FH5 map is well designed for Eliminator then that’s funny. There are various flaws: the rocks when you’re going across open ground which you often have no chance to avoid because they pop up out of nowhere, adding an extra level of chance rather than skill. (Maybe people who have a photographic memory will do well here, the rest of us will be frustrated.) And the volcano is very hard and tedious to get up in most cars, especially those of lower level and/or two wheel drive. Getting to the top via the roads can be very time consuming. Oh! And the piles of logs which slow you down loads.

I guess the devs think the game is great then, so will probably ignore criticism, like they ignored the criticisms in FH4 of the messages blocking your view, which they just copied into FH5.

Did anybody notice this issue in Eliminator - started after christmas update - I challenge someone in Head-to-Head and get this… stutter at the beginning of the race? Half a second pause? This pause causes my car usually to spin randomly and loose direction and race :frowning: I play on PC Win 10.

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Yes, everyone on PC has this since the patch.

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Thanks, was googling for the problem but not good enough.

one of the NEW problems since the patch (the old problems not being fixed):

After you Challenge someone, There is a noticeable TIMELAG of almost 1 second while the Target is being loaded / painted on map.
It is true, that this will mess up your steering, IF you try to steer during that time.

The messages across the screen, messing up any obstacles in your way is another annoyance anyone who ever PLAYED this game before Beta Release onto customers, would have noticed.

I believe this has never been played / tested by someone before release. (Maybe someone blind, only listening to Navigation directions)

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OMG, I totally agree!

Why on earth they decided to plaster huge messages across the middle of the screen of the original Eliminator beggars belief!

To then carry that over onto the next generation?

I’ve always thought the same about those skill chain scores and messages too.

Why not have all that info, messages etc at the bottom of the screen, out of the way of the driver view?

I guess some devs don’t like change!

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Hang on, they changed the tachometer from FH4… (a retrograde step imo). Incredible they put effort into making pointless or backwards changes but none into improving issues from the last game.

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This just about says it all.


As I’ve said to numerous others, they have a terrible habit of fixing things that aren’t broken. Changing things that actually work and then the new change/fixes make the game worse and far less enjoyable. 5 weeks into this game and I still get challenged by someone I can’t see. It’s a joke and its unacceptable. Never ever considered not ever buying another Forza title but I’d be lying to you all and myself to say it hasn’t crossed my mind since playing this mess.


I love this mode but its terrible! Mainly because 75% of the time you can’t see the other players. How is that I’m in the final circle with 45 players and not have a single dot on my mini map? Still getting challenged by people I can’t see will be the top reason I stop playing.

I’m over 150 wins by now, so there’s not really any point of me continuing other than to pass the time. Its really making me start to resent the people who put this mess out. I’m not at all interested in a refund, I want a finished, polished product!


Eh? I don’t even get to the first car drop before I am challenged by someone in a supercar when I am still stuck in a beetle.

I’d say this Eliminator thing is a pile of steaming trash, it is all luck of the draw. Too bad, I won’t be getting this weeks forzathons done by the looks of it.
And if this stuff is being forced on me every week I don’t see really myself playing this game too long as this “eliminator” seems to be all about bullying the player with the PI 100 car.

Eliminator should be optional, not mandatory.

Sad when Rip, DRC, many other high level players this fed up this early.

I actually think PGG (aka FFS) turned FH5 into the worlds first NFT vid game. Costs money, not a ton of enjoyment, and fairly useless overall.

Broken, blind loop features and more cucarachas than Vochos.
Put a hold on seasons, triage and fix best you can, and pray the casuals get you thru this before they lose the loyal players. (Almost too late)


DRC won’t quit, I like him but I’ve seen him say he won’t bother anymore so many times throughout FH4 + this game already that it’s lost any sort of clout when I see him say it now.

There lies another problem with the whole franchise though, one that isn’t actually the games’ or PG’s fault, there is just no competition so where would DRC go if he really did call it a day?

I 100%'ed NFS Heat a couple of weeks ago and even though it did some very nice things overall it was just bland, not bad but so ordinary + in my 1st 2 hours of playing it the game crashed and caused any other game I tried starting afterwards to also freeze within the first few moments, had to reset my console completely to get rid of it.

The Crew 2 I liked + enjoyed more than FH4’s last 12 months but all it has going for it over FH is the enormous map + variety of vehicles, but even the variety is ruined by the poor physics of some of the vehicle types.

I’m not excusing PG 1 bit here but where’s the incentive or requirement for the franchise to improve + push itself at the moment?

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I fully agree. But then what do devs care? You bought their game. If you do not play anmore good. Less Server issues and complaints for the next years about those unfixed bugs and crappy Multiplayer game design they took 1:1 from FH4 including bugs and flaws.

Don’t be so sure Giles, I don’t need to go another racing game, I can go to any other game I choose. Horizon 4 was actually fun to play, this game is not. That’s the difference. They redid the physics, the handling, the braking, the core of any racing game. All the changes they did make, I do not like. Eliminator is the only thing I have left keeping me playing the game, if they don’t fix it, I will walk.

I think eliminator in FH5 needs to be spiced up abit to differentiate it from FH4. One way could be to:

  1. Increase lobby size from 50 to 100
  2. Use AI cars to fill lobby to 100 players
  3. Increase car level cap from 10 to 15
  4. Introduce new cars
  5. Remove logs between trees
  6. Don’t shrink ring at start. Allow more time for players to roam around the whole map.
  7. Utilize those sand storms more in this mode…
  8. Utilize night time during part of the game

And if you really wanted to mix things up introduce items that appear like cars which can:

  1. Make you immune to the next challenge by another player within next 3 mins.
  2. You swap car and position with other player if you get challenged within next 3 mins.

I’m thinking in terms of the battle royal mode in Fortnite of all games. Especially when it comes to bigger lobbies and AI players which will be important when this game mode drops off.